It’s still a week dominated by Saturn, a planet that wants you to hustle — hustle to earn a living, hustle to show maturity, hustle to be self sufficient. And we’re reminded that success and achievement are often born of crisis. Saturn is pushing you to react, take command.

In particular — and I’m being a little technical here — we’re coming up to the March 29 square between the Sun and Saturn. I know many of you are like, I don’t know what a square is, but keep with me for a moment. A square is just two planets that are forming a 90 degree angle within the circle of the heavens. Squares make things happen because they are the energy of manifestation. And the March 29 square is what’s called the opening square.

When the Sun and Saturn met up together in Capricorn back in December, we started a year long cycle of work and achievement. But, more importantly, we had our first big check in with Saturn in Capricorn and the story that will be unfolding for us over the coming two plus years. Now here we are, we’re coming up to what’s called the opening square. We’re feeling a Saturn push to take responsibility or a crisis of maturity or accountability. We may have to make a serious decisions in reaction to external forces. More simply, this week is setting in motion the Saturn in Capricorn era, a time when the bar is set higher for all of us.

Saturn’s like the personal trainer at the gym. It’s turning up the resistance and making us go farther so we can grow stronger and achieve our goals. So, we’re hustling this week as well as grappling with some serious life themes, weighing time and direction. You may even be getting a hard “no” from Saturn because it’s something is not in alignment with your long term growth. In all, a serious week.

If you want a reminder of where you’re doing your Saturn work, check out my Saturn in Capricorn: Sign by Sign guide.

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