As we round out a busy Pisces Season, we’re coming up on a stretch of sky occupied by Chiron, a planet that asks us to look at our pain, our psychic scar tissue, the knots that hold us back both personally and collectively. Life is hitting a nerve.

We all have pain, and by pain I mean that deep point in our soul that gets repeatedly pressed, that repeatedly shakes our confidence. It could be our self worth, it could be our talents, it could even be existential. Chiron shows us the suffering that connects us all as humans. When we look at our Chiron — we all have Chiron somewhere in our chart — we’re witnessing the pain within us that connects us to humanity.

So, you may be feeling your psychic pain points today, especially as Mars squares off with Chiron. Pay attention to the negative or self limiting stories that you’re telling yourself. They’re connecting you to a deeper experience — a story that runs through your soul, a story like a knot that needs to be unwound.

It’s no coincidence that the glyph for Chiron is a key as Chiron has the potential to unlock and you unlock your pain by recognize it as a collective experience. You depersonalize it. And the healing that you make is an offering of healing, recognition, and hope to those who suffer similarly.

Lastly, we’re rounding out the lunar month this week. The next few days are a good time to reflect, meditate, and retreat. In fact, perfect for our Chiron work.

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Photo by Daryn Stumbaugh on Unsplash