As the Sun and Saturn complete their opposition today, we may be feeling the weight of time as well as the responsibilities of life. Saturn helps us to grow older, but it also pushes back when we’ve overstepped the mark or struggled to follow through.

Every planet in astrology serves a function. Saturn, the planet with a 29 year orbit, has come to represent big arcs of time as well as maturity and the authority that comes with it. When we get beyond the minutia of the day to day, we zoom out into life’s bigger themes. We grow older, the people we love demand more from us, our community demands more from us. We get a job, we get married, raise a family. Someone gets sick. We have to make tough decisions. That’s Saturn.

So there will be times in the year when we check in with Saturn and Capital L Life. Over the past few days we’ve been doing just that. Yes, it’s been heavy and you’ve likely had to make a serious decision or take on new responsibilities. Maybe you hit a wall since Saturn is known for showing us limits. Or, maybe we stepped up and we’re ready to take on a new title and be seen as an expert in our field.

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to be? What do you want your legacy to be? Use the energy of Saturn to chart a new course. Or head in a different direction.

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