We open the week with a Cancer Moon, one that pulls us inward and touches on all the things that give our lives substance — home, family, care, and connection. Cancer can make for quiet energy, but this week will be anything but quiet. We’re coming up to lunar eclipse.

Yes, we’re officially in eclipse season. Every six months the new and full moon line up with the ecliptic to create a solar or lunar eclipse. In astrology, eclipses are the agents of fate. They mark the hour of our lives, they usher in events, they push us along on our soul’s journey.

These eclipses, a lunar eclipse on January 31 and a solar eclipse on February 15, fall in the signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively. Therefore there’s a lot of movement happening in these signs. If you are a Leo or an Aquarius, there’s likely a lot going on in your life. Maybe you’ve been dealing with big events since 2017. Maybe your life made a big turn in the last 6-12 months. Maybe you’ve gotten married or made a significant commitment to a romantic partner. Or maybe you’ve left a relationship. These eclipses are just the next chapter in this ongoing story from August as well as February 2017.

For the rest of us, the pull between Leo and Aquarius is the need to distinguish ourselves and honor our individuality versus that of the group. It’s a desire to express ourselves and to create versus feeling like we don’t belong or we’re too different. Leo, like the Sun, wants to be seen. It inspires and it gives life.

Are you ready to strike out on your own? Are you ready to show off? Live your passion? Shine brightly?

More on these eclipses in the coming days.

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Photo by Linus Nylund on Unsplash