Mercury, the planet of communication and movement, is finally in Aquarius! If Capricorn pushed Mercury to seriously weigh its choices, then in Aquarius it sees the big picture. Mercury in Aquarius is intellectual, futuristic, and scientific, too. It also blazes a trail.

That said, Mercury in Aquarius is just another reminder that we’re in Aquarius Season, a time in the calendar when we experience life through the prism of community, the collective, and humanity. Aquarius is the last of the air signs and teaches us about consciousness and self awareness. In its highest expression it helps us step outside of ourselves and bear witness to our choices, our patterns, and how we construct our life within the fabric of humanity.

Something that I forgot to mention yesterday, which is especially pertinent if you are a Sagittarius or a Pisces, is that Jupiter is now retrograde at 23 Libra — a position on the zodiac wheel that places it opposite Uranus. We’re feeling a strong urge to break free this week and, with the upcoming Leo Full Moon eclipse, stick to our ideals as well as what makes us ourselves. More on the eclipse in the coming days. Jupiter is also the ruling planet of Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius, so we may feel as though our view of the world and even truth itself has been getting a jolt.

PS, the Moon squares off with Mars today. Watch tempers, especially with the building full moon energy.

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