Venus, the planet of peace, cooperation, and beauty, moves into Aries today. Truthfully Venus isn’t at home in Aries, a sign where it has to learn to assert itself. It’s also less likely to find common ground, something the world needs right now.

That said, Venus finds its courage in Aries. Here it’s bold, competitive, fiery, and passionate. What we value is no longer soft and quiet, but aggressive and energetically loud.

We’re also in the gate for the upcoming Venus Retrograde, which will begin on March 4. During this time the energy of Venus will pull inward. It’s not uncommon for past lovers to reappear during Venus Retrograde or for us to take a second look at relationships and interpersonal patterns. Retrogrades are karmic a reworking and any partnerships or relationships we form will bring up the past in some way — perhaps even from a past life — so that we can have a second look. Venus will spend part of her retrograde in Aries, too, digging up our karma with how we didn’t assert ourselves or waged war instead of finding a peaceful solution.

Venus will turn direct on April 15.

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