Feeling the squeeze? Mars has been in Aries since January 28, a bold placement for the planet of action and determination. But this week Mars squares off with Pluto and rendezvous with Uranus. This is pressure cooker astrology. Try not to blow.

Something that I’ve mentioned in previous conversations about Mars in aspect to Pluto and Uranus is that how we do Mars has to evolve. How we express our anger, how we take action, how we start things has to transform. Pluto has a habit of venting anything that has been suppressed. So if we’ve been holding back or if there is an unconscious rage that has never been integrated, Pluto will pull it up. Through Uranus in the mix and we may feel restless, brash, impulse. Mars and Uranus can be a bit accident prone, too.

But here’s the thing you need to know. I say these things so that we can witness and bring consciousness to this process. If we’re feeling overwhelmed, how do we seek calm? How do we take care of our needs? How do we give Mars a healthy outlet? By going for a walk or a run? Dancing? Talking to a therapist or trusted advisor? Screaming it out? Note that if you are an Aries or a Scorpio or you have your Moon or Ascendant in these signs, you’re likely really feeling this.

The Sun is on the South Node of the Moon, too. There’s a strong current of the past running its way through today’s astrology. Seeing how it’s Pisces Season, make sure you take time to get quiet today, intuit, read between the lines, and let go.

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