It’s eclipse week and we prepare to turn the page in the narrative of our lives. Starting off with a the Moon in Capricorn, Monday opens us to the energy of responsibility and commitment. With Saturn also in Capricorn, we have to make hard, pragmatic choices.

I know “adulting” is a modern word that verges on the ridiculous, but, nevertheless, we’re adulting this week. Or, rather, we’re checking in on how we’re living up to the word as well as the expectations of being an adult. The ruler of the February 15 solar eclipse is Saturn and it’s pointing us toward the sign of Capricorn, a sign that tends to bring things into sharp focus.

Capricorn teaches us about time, growing up and growing older, and the responsibilities we must take on in order to excel in the material world. Since we’re a few days away from the solar eclipse, things may feel like they are rushing in and out of our lives, especially things that support — or don’t support — us being adults.

In other news, I’m giving a talk in the astrology of 2018 here in Manhattan on March 1. Details here as well as below. Space is limited. Cost is $20 USD.

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