Mars moves to the final degree of Libra, pointing us toward critical relationship issues. The final degree of every sign has an urgency to it, a scrutiny that demands we hold ourselves accountable. Mars in Libra has been six weeks of digging into trust, intimacy, and cooperation.

Come tomorrow, December 9, Mars will move into Scorpio. It’s been my feeling, ever since Jupiter arrived in Scorpio, that we wouldn’t really know the true nature of Jupiter in Scorpio until Mars got there, too. With Mars in Libra, however, a lot has been simmering below the surface, just out of view.

Libra is Scorpio’s 12th House (intermediate astrology alert) and if you know the 12th House at all, the action is in the non physical and in the realm of emotion, dreams, and solitary endeavors. And if Jupiter in Scorpio has been dragging up all our secrets, our shame, the darkness we’ve been hiding, then Mars and Jupiter combined may be like a dam breaking. Something to keep an eye on. (Want to know what Mars in Scorpio will mean for you? Check out my sign by sign guide below.)

Last, but not least, my December 2017 horoscopes are live. Yes, they are a week late. We can still be friends, right? (For those wondering why they have been late the past few months, my offline life has gotten full bandwidth crazy busy between work, travel, classes, and an increasing load of responsibilities that has eroded my time to write. Hope you all understand! xo)

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