We’re coming off the Gemini Full Moon and emotional energies are running high. A Gemini Moon needs information. It needs options and new ideas. The problem is, with Mercury now retrograde, we don’t have all the information. Or, we have to take a second look at our choices.

We may feel a little bit confused or disoriented as we start the week. Neptune played a big role in the full moon, a planet that likes to distort or alter reality. A Gemini Full Moon square Neptune may have us wondering what is real and not real. The facts may seem a little hazy or at least our perception of the facts is.

Saturn is still pushing us to get grounded — the best we can while the world rocks and rolls. Don’t forget that we’re a mere two weeks from Saturn entering Capricorn, a sign that is going to give us a heavy dose of reality for the next three years. But we’re not quite done with Sagittarius yet. We’re about to get our report card on all the work we’ve done since 2015.

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Photo by Andrew Areoff on Unsplash