Last day of Sagittarius Season. We say goodbye to our annual trip through the sign of knowledge, travel, and exploration and get ready for the solstice. With Saturn now in Capricorn — a huge celestial change — all eyes are now on the sign of maturity and responsibility.

I want to expand a little bit on what I’ve written on Saturn in Capricorn, specifically in response to some of your comments on social. Saturn’s a serious planet so we have to have a serious conversation. Full stop. But Capricorn teaches us about mastery, integrity, and excellence. These are your keywords to live by over the next three years. Mastery. Integrity. Excellence. That’s the bar that Saturn, in its positive expression, has set for you, me, everyone.

Saturn is also the builder and, depending on both your Sun sign and your rising sign, you’ll be building up the area of you chart that Capricorn is located in. If you’re a Cancer, for example, you’ll be building relationships. If you’re a Scorpio, you’ll be building communication. So, again, you’ll be building mastery, integrity, and excellence in the area of you chart that Capricorn governs. (Pro tip — even though we may not be Capricorns, Capricorn is located somewhere in our chart because we are a blend of all twelve signs, not just our Sun signs.)

I’ll throw in another word — commitment. Saturn is also commitment. This shouldn’t be a new thing for you. We just left three years of Saturn in Sagittarius, a once in a 28-year period where the world has to figure out what it believes in and commit to an ethical or moral direction for our lives. We studied different philosophies, texts, and cultures. We grappled with questions of faith as well as right and wrong, but at the end of this journey, we committed to a spiritual or philosophical direction to orient our lives. We built an ethical framework to live by. At least that was the idea.

Saturn entered Capricorn late last night New York time, which is where I’m located. I was actually asleep, but startled awake just before the ingress at 11:49 pm EST. Just before I awoke, I had a dream where I was laying in bed with the lights on, staring at the ceiling. A hole had formed above me, or rather crumbled beginnings of a hole not unlike the indentation in a cracked egg.

When I woke, I checked the time. Three minutes away from Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn. As I waited for the appointed moment, I remembered the dream.

Sometimes in order to build we have to break through the ceiling.

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Photo by Andres Garcia on Unsplash