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Astro Daily: April 16, 2018

We start the week fresh off an Aries New Moon, one that’s ushering in a lunar month filled with twists, turns, and radical new beginnings. Then tomorrow, April 17, Saturn turns retrograde, underlining our Saturn in Capricorn journey towards greater maturity.

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Astro Daily: April 6, 2018

We’re sliding into a Saturn driven weekend. With the Capricorn Moon picking up on Saturn and Mars, we’ve got a few things to figure out. Namely, our goals, our ambitions, and our plans for the future. Saturn wants us to push ourselves, even if it seems impossible.

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Astro Daily: March 29, 2018

We’ve been having our first big check in with Saturn during this new Saturn in Capricorn era. Which is to say that, this has been a week to make big plans and think about how we’re going to go level up in our maturity, ambition, achievement.

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Astro Daily: March 27, 2018

It’s still a week dominated by Saturn, a planet that wants you to hustle — hustle to earn a living, hustle to show maturity, hustle to be self sufficient. And we’re reminded that success and achievement are often born of crisis. Saturn is pushing you to react, take command.

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Astro Daily: March 12, 2018

We start the week on a serious note. With the Moon rounding out its time in Capricorn, moving into Aquarius later today, the planet Saturn is calling a lot of the shots. It’s the day to focus on our lives, our future, our responsibilities. Time is running out.

Aquarius New Moon: Systems

Aquarius New Moon: Systems

Happy new moon! Happy solar eclipse! We begin a new lunar month, one set in of Aquarius, the sign of community, social networks, friendship, and humanitarian themes. Aquarius teaches about belonging. It also zooms us out and connects us to life at the level of its systems.

Capricorn New Moon: Manifest

Capricorn New Moon: Manifest

Happy Capricorn New Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when we turn to achievement, responsibility, and planning for the future. Now that Saturn has come home to Capricorn, this new moon will bring this planetary shift into focus.

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Astro Daily: January 12, 2018

The Moon’s in Sagittarius, our time each month to connect to our internal GPS that points us forward and inspires us to explore the world. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we’re exploring the hidden side of life as well — the intimate, emotional, and deeply esoteric.

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Astro Daily: December 29, 2017

The Moon continues its journey through earthy Taurus, giving a nod to Saturn and Venus in Capricorn. As we wrap up the year, we may be feeling a little serious, a need to start hammering out a plan for the coming months. 

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Astro Daily: December 28, 2017

Moon moves into Taurus, picking up on Saturn and Venus’s recent arrival in Capricorn. Leaving behind the fiery intensity of Aries, in Taurus we find stable footing. And Saturn and Venus bring a much needed dose of earthy practicality. Is it real? Is it worth it?

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Astro Daily: December 26, 2017

We’re rounding out the year and getting deeper into the Capricorn groove. With Venus having just joined up with the Sun and Saturn, this week has a serious tone. We may be asking ourselves, what do we really want out of life?

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Astro Daily: December 20, 2017

Last day of Sagittarius Season. We say goodbye to our annual trip through the sign of knowledge, travel, and exploration and get ready for the solstice. With Saturn now in Capricorn — a huge celestial change — all eyes are now on the sign of maturity and responsibility.