Saturn arrives at the final degree of Sagittarius. Time for exams. What did we learn over the last three years? What do we believe in? What now has meaning? Are we older, wiser? Be ready to demonstrate what you know. Will you make the grade?

Here’s the thing. Astrology is really just the study of time and each of the twelve zodiac signs are like a symbolic hour. When a planet is traveling through a sign, this symbolic hour can be a day … or twenty years depending on the time of the planet involved. If this is stretching your brain a little, think of the Sun. It takes one month to go through a sign and a year to travel through the entire zodiac. But what about Saturn? It takes about three years to go though a sign and 29 years to make one full trip.

Since the start of 2015 the planet Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius. Saturn time is Big Time, the sort that sweeps through our life like an arc, marking the major moments and milestones. With Big Time pointing towards Sagittarius, we’ve been on a three year quest to find truth and meaning in our lives. Maybe we’ve traveled. Maybe we’ve struggled with faith. Maybe we’ve had to create a framework for how we order the world. Maybe education has been a top priority.

All of these bigger existential themes are now at a critical point this week. It’s the big crunch. Did we fail our coursework in Sagittarius or did we get the A? Something to reflect on. Next week, on December 19, Saturn moves into Capricorn and we start a whole new lesson in maturity and responsibility.

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