As we move toward the solar eclipse on August 21, we can’t forget that Mars will be playing a staring role this month. Trailing the Sun in Leo, it will fall just a few degrees shy of the eclipse. Make no mistake, Mars agitates and heats things up.

World events are certainly hot right now as we peer into the more aggressive side of Mars combined with the Sun in Leo. As for our personal lives, events or emotions may be loud depending on what sign we are and what part of the chart is getting activated by the change making energies of the eclipses. (Everyone seems to be announcing pregnancies lately. Eclipses = personal milestones.)

A couple of important things to keep an eye on in the next day or so. One, the Moon moves into Aries on August 11. With Mars so itchy right now, events may boil over or tempers may flare on Friday and Saturday. Two, Mercury will turn retrograde on August 12. While not a big deal — there are certainly more important things to focus on this month — Mercury Retrograde still adds a level of shenanigans to some hot astrology.

What you need to know is that Mercury Retrograde is a time for us to review our choices and review the past. Turning retrograde in the sign of Virgo, it’s all about discernment right now. Where do we need to bring a sharper editorial eye to our life right now? Where do we need to show up differently? Where do we need to tend to the details more closely?

Maybe Mercury Retrograde in a fast moving month is the equivalent of pumping the breaks a little. As events move quickly, use Mercury to take a second look or bring a thorough review.

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Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash