As a mentioned a couple of days ago, the marquee event this week is Saturn Retrograde. Maybe you’re feeling it, this weight, this sobering look at your life and the road ahead. Saturn is the planet of time. We’ve got some serious things to figure out.

What’s your plan? What are you striving toward in relationships? Money? Career? Or are you winging it? When Saturn’s involved, there is no winging it. There’s only structure and discipline.

So, make sure you set some time aside today to do a check in with yourself in honor of Saturn. Create a schedule. Set some goals. Say no where you need to set healthy boundaries. Tidy up your messes. Don’t take undue risks. And take consciousness of where you’re limiting yourself based on what you believe is possible.

Note that Saturn changes direction twice a year. No big deal, right? We’re just having our biannual check in with the planet whose responsibility it is to teach us how to be more responsible and bring balance to our lives. Saturn will station direct on August 25 at 21 degrees Sagittarius.

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