Feeling restless? Between planets changing direction, full moon energies, and the Sun coming right up on Uranus, life may be shaking a little. Something needs to change. Today’s energies may feel a little confrontational or provocative as a result.

Speaking of provocative, I wanted to rattle our perception of Mercury Retrograde. Every few months we start coming down with a case of Mercury Retrograde Paralysis Syndrome. While Mercury Retrograde is definitely a thing, it’s not the time to bring our lives to a grinding halt. Instead we have to learn to navigate Mercury’s receptive energies. We have to reflect and retool so when Mercury turns direct, we can move forward with new consciousness. Learn more about how you can survive and thrive during Mercury Retrograde in my latest article.

In other news, the Scorpio Moon and Mars face off today, making for touchy emotional energy — energy that may drag up themes of trust, security, and intimacy. Be brave enough to face your shadow. Be brave enough for a breakthrough.

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