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July 2016 Horoscopes

What is home? Family? Do we feel safe enough to root and flourish? With the Sun in Cancer, the light shines upon some of the most fundamental experiences of life — care, emotional sustenance, and the mother. As a result, July will touch on life’s more sensitive subjects.

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Astro Daily: July 30, 2016

So, Mars turned direct yesterday. Hooray! But there are still a few finer points to make, especially as the energy releases over the next few days like a dam. Careful to avoid arguments and other heated encounters. Instead, use Mars positively through physical exercise.


Astro Daily: June 29, 2016

After ten weeks retrograde, Mars finally turns direct today. Phew! We’ve had to do some serious work on where we’re wrong, where our stubborn faith and nearsightedness have taken us of course. Hopefully we learned something.

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Astro Daily: June 28, 2016

Things are heating up today courtesy of an Aries Moon + Mars in Scorpio! Combine this with Mars at a near standstill, preparing to turn direct tomorrow, and you’ve got a recipe for a lot of messy emotions spilling out.

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Astro Daily: June 27, 2016

A few years back I had a bad accident just a day or so shy of Chiron turning retrograde. It was one of those moments as an astrologer that I got a deeper understanding of Chiron, a more recent discovery and addition to the astrological lexicon.

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Astro Daily: June 24, 2016

We’re in the build up to next week’s station of Mars. It will turn direct at 23 Scorpio on June 29. We’re feeling the ripples and waves of the energy in the collective. Mars rules Volcanos, so, as a result, we may feel like we’re ready to blow.

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Astro Daily: June 23, 2016

Aquarius Moon day creating a bit of a push/pull between needing the comfort of something close like home and wanting to explore the world through ideas, intellect. Aquarius is a very detached sign and about as far away as you can get from the Sun in Cancer.

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Astro Daily: June 22, 2016

This week Mercury has been passing through the combined forces of Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn, activating a major story that has been unfolding this year. If Mercury in Gemini places a finger on the pulse of our choices, then what do we put our faith in?

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Astro Daily: June 21, 2016

Happy birthday Cancer! Happy Solstice! If you’re in the northern hemisphere like me, Cancer ushers in the start of summer. The trees and flowers are full with promise, the days are long and warm, and we enjoy the bounty of the natural world.

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Astro Daily: June 17, 2016

Today our gal Venus says goodbye to Gemini, a sign that she’s known to have a bit of fun in, and checks into Cancer for a four week stay. Cancer is the sign of home, family, roots, emotions, and the mother. It’s the first water sign and in it we discover our primal emotions.

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Astro Daily: June 16, 2016

Tomorrow, Saturn and Neptune will make an exact square, the second of three contacts. If Saturn is matter, the physical world, structure, and achievement, then Neptune is spirit, the non-physical world, mysticism. We are battling divine needs vs. our own.