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Astro Daily: August 23, 2016

Now that it’s Virgo season, we’re coming up on the next round of eclipses. Eclipses, arriving every six months, mark a new chapter or a new hour, a time when collectively we all step into a new season. The solar eclipse on September 1 will arrive in Virgo.

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Astro Daily: August 22, 2016

With the Sun teetering on the edge of Leo today, we’re saying goodbye to the season of creativity, playfulness, art, performance, and expression. Leo was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to get our Virgo on. PS — there are no such things as cusps!

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Astro Daily: August 19, 2016

Today’s Pisces Moon is a reminder to feed ourselves with the quiet, the compassionate, the sublime. After all, Pisces is a sign that connects us to art, music, intuition, and dreams. It also teaches us about forgiveness, and redemption.

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Astro Daily: August 11, 2016

The Moon’s arrival in Sagittarius this afternoon is another reminder that we’re deep in the work of faith and belief this week. As I mentioned previously, Saturn is activating this big story we’ve been unfolding since last September.

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Astro Daily: August 10, 2016

As much as Saturn in Sagittarius is a need to define our faith, at the core is a search for something more. It’s a sign that inspires us to seek experiences outside of ourself, to take information we gather and make into philosophy.

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Astro Daily: August 9, 2016

With Saturn getting ready to turn direct on Friday in the sign of Sagittarius, don’t be surprised if your faith is tested, if you need to define what you believe in, or feel a deepening need to make a commitment.

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Astro Daily: August 8, 2016

Happy Monday! Although yesterday Mercury and Neptune opposed each other yesterday, we may still be feeling its confusing effects. If Mercury is communication and thinking then Neptune has a habit of blurring reality.

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Astro Daily: August 5, 2016

Venus is in Virgo! True, Venus would probably rather hang out in Leo, a sign known for its fun, creativity, and regal leanings. Yet, to all things a season and Venus’s arrival in Virgo is a reminder that after the party we still need to clean up.

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Astro Daily: August 4, 2016

Although we just began a lunar month with Leo’s playful energy in the spotlight, we’ve still got a lot of heavy lifting ahead of us. August will be a month of major commitments, milestones, and turning points. What are you creating?

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Astro Daily: August 3, 2016

Lost in the shuffle of yesterday’s Leo New Moon, was Mars’s reentry into Sagittarius, the sign of travel, wisdom, and faith. Hallelujah! Because I’m pretty sure Mars in Scorpio nearly killed us. I mean, look at the last two months? Insert prayer emoji.

New Moon in Leo: The Fire

New Moon in Leo: The Fire

The Sun is the source of life both in the sky and in the astrology chart. It is the spark of the creator that shines through each of the twelve zodiac signs. When the Sun is in Leo, the Sun has returned home and the Leo New Moon is an invitation for us to return to ourselves.