Like most people who live in large cities, I have a fairly long commute each day to and from work. The round-trip hour and a half of subway time is devoted to higher learning via spiritually themed podcasts. My commute is sacred. It’s my God time. I listen to my teachers and absorb what spirit has for me to learn.

This morning, as I listened to an archived version of one of my favorite internet radio shows, I energetically tuned into the first woman to call the program for a reading. She was intimately familiar with her own natal chart, so much so that as the guest astrologer tried to give a reading, the caller threw up blocks to every piece information. More specifically, the information was not connecting with the caller because it didn’t fit into her narrow view of her natal chart and its potential.

These podcasts cause my psychic abilities to kick in, enabling me to play along at home. I could see this woman’s energy in my mind’s eye and the chains, knots, and walls she had constructed. Every time astrologer and host tried to empower her or lovingly correct her, she would reject it because it didn’t support her victim consciousness. I felt the doors slamming in her energy; I felt her anger; I felt her years of resentment, loneliness, and pain. But I also felt a good lesson to be shared.

I’m not picking on this lady; I actually want to thank her for being a teacher of what happens when we limit our energetic potential with rigid thinking. To her, her natal chart was a prison of intersecting aspect lines and planets forming the bars of what was possible and what was not. The only reading she wanted was one that affirmed her prison, not one that gave her the key. And this is the heart of Empowering Astrology — using the natal aspects as a key to learning, evolution, and empowerment.

Let’s say a woman, for example, has a Venus/Pluto square in her chart. If I say to her, “Wow, this Venus/Pluto square is pretty intense. You’re learning soul lessons about power, attraction, and what it means to feel safe with what you attract into your life, especially in regards to relationships. You have the potential to be a powerful master of attraction, intimacy, and sharing. But you gotta work at it.”

To which she says, “No, my Venus/Pluto square means that I always have abusive relationships.”

Do you see what happened there? She just threw up an energetic wall that affirms a negative pattern. By doing so, she doesn’t allow any growth or new energy to come in that supports a higher expression of the Venus/Pluto lesson. Worse, she keeps feeding her victim consciousness that says, people always hurt me, I’m never loved, there’s never enough, etc.

But there’s no judgement in spirit. It waits patiently and lovingly for us to learn and integrate our lessons, which can take a year, a lifetime, or even multiple lifetimes. It’s our choice. When we empower ourselves, we step out of the dense cycle of our lessons and gain an altitude of consciousness that allows spirit to show us another path. Our energy then shifts, creating new energetic receptivity to higher expressions of our lessons.

A better response to my Venus/Pluto example would for this woman to say, “Well, I’ve had a bad past with relationships and abuse, but I am willing and ready to experience something different.” All she has to do is open the door to a different experience. That’s all it takes; the willingness deep down for something better.

Whether we have Venus square Pluto, Mercury opposite Neptune, or fifty-thousand Saturn squares all making us question getting out of bed each day, we have to realize that there is more. We have to work with the lower form of the energy and transmute it into something higher. We create our own reality. Our natal chart is not a prison.

So God bless you, unhappy lady, wherever you are. Thank you for being a teacher.