“A birthchart is a rich, living statement, full of insights, guidelines, and warnings. It describes not a static fate but a flowing life pattern, full of options and risks.” — Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky

* * *

I discovered astrologer Steven Forrest and his books about the same time I realized that astrology was much more than a party trick, something to entertain friends with while passing the time over drinks. Fending off questions about their sun signs, I grew frustrated with the concept that our birthcharts were one dimensional reflections of our lives, good or bad, or a fate carved in stone. Oh you have Mars square Pluto natally? Good luck with that, buddy. You’ll probably die a violent death.

That’s not the astrology I wanted anything to do with.

Reading Stephen Forrest’s books gave me the confirmation of what I started to realize on my own, that astrology is a tool for deep self discovery and positive transformation. That Mars square Pluto or any natal aspect isn’t a handicap, but an opportunity for major growth. That we are in a constant state of evolution and our natal charts are a map illuminating the road for our soul.

“Empowering Astrology” is what happens when we stop giving our power away and start taking authority in our lives, using astrology, and specifically the birthchart, as a tool for transforming out of our limitations and fears. With that mission in mind, it is my goal to set my clients on a journey towards the highest promise of their birth charts. This can happen by releasing old karmic wounds, fears, and anything that stops them from actualizing their soul’s path.

Our hearts are the compass point along our evolutionary journey as we learn to grow, love, and transform.