The Venus Card from the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr
The Venus Card from the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr

As if 2012 wasn’t jammed packed enough with eclipses and other astrological goodies, it’s worth noting that we will have a very rare Transit of Venus happening on June 5 — so rare that it only happens every 115 years with two events clustered 8 years apart. What does this mean? In astrological terms this is a Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini at 15 degrees. In astronomical terms, the planet Venus is lining up with the Sun so that Venus passes over it like an eclipse.

Eclipses are powerful events. They are an injection of energy into the collective that both illuminate and bring matters to a head. They are a seeding. Eclipses force things out and when they hit points in the birth chart, there can be a dramatic shift like one chapter ending and another beginning. And here we are, experiencing an eclipse like event between two solar and lunar eclipses. It feels like May and June are a portal for powerful change. Now ask yourself how you’d like that change to manifest?

Because we can’t look at one transit without understanding it within the whole, it’s also worth noting that the previous Transit of Venus occurred in June of 2004 at 17 Gemini. (Any big themes from that time coming up again for you again? They sure are for me!) Before that it occurred in 1874 and 1882 respectively in Sagittarius. The cycle previous was in 1761 and 1769 in the sign of Gemini again. That’s a 243 year cycle and I think it’s no coincidence that 243 years is awfully close to a Pluto cycle. Think change. Big change.

If there is any astrological event in 2012 that is distinctly Mayan, the Transit of Venus is it. The Mayans were obsessed with Venus and they were astronomically sophisticated enough to predict her placement in the heavens hundreds of years into the future. Maybe it’s not December 21, 2012 that we should be paying attention to, but rather June 5.

I can’t help but think divine union and sacred rites every time I peer into this transit intuitively. Retrograde Venus meets with Sun in the sky, merging as one. It’s very sexual. The Sun is seeding Venus and vice versa, our lives therefore becoming pregnant with possibility. Channels are calling it a restoration of the Divine Feminine. Astrologer Eric Francis had a similar idea in his recent article, Opening to Eros, which is very much worth the read as is a listen to his May 28th interview with David Tresemer for Planet Waves FM.

Venus is inviting us to worship upon her altar and to make sacred all that she governs — love, money, and the union between two individuals. Take time on the 5th of June to make an offering to her. This is not an offering of sacrifice, but an offering of love. Here, Venus, this is what I love and therefore I offer it up to you for your blessing. I offer you my dreams, my passions, and my visions for a better tomorrow. I open the doors to you so that I may take part in your sacred union with the Sun. In turn we allow this potent creative energy to infuse our very thoughts and wishes. David Tresemer says the same thing: create a vision of something magical happening for you or for the world and let Venus make it manifest.