When Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, 2012, we shifted into a two and a half year period, until September 17, 2015, of learning Scorpio themes. In short, death and rebirth, power, intimacy, and shadow. Note that Saturn takes 29.5 years to travel around the zodiac and so its entry into a new zodiac sign is a big deal shift. (I paint Saturn in Scorpio with broader brush strokes in another article I wrote.)

Previous to Scorpio, Saturn was in the sign of Libra, which meant that we were learning Libra themes — one-on-one relationships, beauty, and equity. So if the planet Saturn represents a process of maturation, then we’re collectively maturing through experiences that tap into the Scorpio archetype. What is the Scorpio archetype?

  • ground up transformation
  • things that make us uncomfortable
  • the shadow side of the human experience
  • deep psychological healing
  • taboo
  • legacies
  • death
  • decay
  • release
  • debt
  • taxes
  • wealth
  • shared resources
  • power
  • intimacy
  • sexuality
  • vulnerability
  • shamanism

And what is Saturn?

  • maturation
  • testing
  • structure
  • seriousness
  • foundation
  • discipline
  • authority
  • hard work
  • the father
  • limitations
  • ambition
  • Father Time
  • endings

So put the two concepts together. We’re doing Saturn through Scorpio. We’re testing the structures of our vulnerability. We’re getting disciplined about how we share our wealth. We’re learning lessons of intimacy. We’re laying a new foundation for our power and authority. We’re experiencing limitations in our shared resources. We’re maturing through things that make us uncomfortable.

Play with the bulleted points above. Play with the syntax. If you know your natal chart, find where 0 degrees of Scorpio is and the house it is in. If Saturn is in your 4th by transit, for example, you’re experiencing lessons of home, family, and nurturing through the prism of the Scorpio archetype. And if you’re a Scorpio sun sign, this will likely be a heavier time for you as you take up the mantel of responsibility and learn lessons in personal responsibility.

Hopefully all this fancy astrology talk will start to read more clearly.