The epic Uranus/Pluto square has been on my mind lately as Mars moves into T-square range, setting off another round of fireworks on July 17th and 18th. Any time Mars moves into hard aspect with Uranus or Pluto, eyebrows raise, including this astrologer’s. Will the volcano blow or is it just letting off steam? Then again, aren’t these the sign of the times? Yet another burst in a wave that has passed through our lives since late May when we had the solar eclipse in Gemini followed by one major astrological transit after another? We’re practically old hat at this.

If you’ve managed to keep your bearings through June, but see this new wave cresting on the horizon, you’re probably wondering to make of all this. I mean, what’s a T-square? What are the larger forces at work? Why does it seem like it’s one thing after another coming faster and harder? Is this what 2012 is all about? Let’s take a look.

Make a triangle with your hands. To mimic the heavens, Pluto would be at the top of the triangle, Uranus on the bottom left, and Mars on the bottom right. T-squares are challenging because they focus the energy at the apex of the triangle like an arrow, which conjures up images of conflict and penetration. Pluto is about non-negotiable transformations, Mars is pure action and instinct, and Uranus is electric and unpredictable. Sounds like a fun July, right?

But I really think there’s something deeper at work here. Remember, Pluto is at the apex of this configuration; It is the tip of this arrow. Pluto is, again, non-negotiable transformation. The Universe is opening a major portal of evolutionary change. Where do you want to direct the arrow? Are you ready?

We’re in this three year time period of Uranus and Pluto vigorously stirring the pot. These are personal revolutions as well as political. Between now and 2015, various planets at times will trigger this Square, which on a higher level is all about learning to integrate our need for reformed structures/government/organization (Pluto in Capricorn) with our need for individuality and personal authenticity (Uranus in Aries). How can we be part of a new system that we can believe in? A new system that is authentic to us? I keep calling this “new paradigm” living — new paradigm government; new paradigm banking; new paradigm career; new paradigm relationships; new paradigm family. What are the new paradigm structures that are trying to come into your life?

Mars is now in Libra, the sign of one-on-one relationships, triggering yet another surge in power. Think of it like energy waves rolling through our solar system — waves that support the new paradigm if we are receptive. And these waves will continue every time a planet moves into a range of 6 to 10 degrees of each sign. These are practically spasms — some bigger than others — that allow the energy of Uranus and Pluto to ripple into the collective and our energy centers. Esoterically, the astrology of 2012 is literally giving us ascension waves as we climb higher and higher towards personal and collective mastery.

To understand how this will affect your chart, find your Mars ruled houses — the ones with Aries and Scorpio on the cusps. This is where the next wave will work its mojo. For me, I have Aries on the 4th, so it’s no wonder that family and ancestral stuff has been coming up. And no matter where this configuration is in your chart, this is a perfect time to do clearing work — clearing old emotional patterns, ancestral patterns, family patterns, and karmic patterns. You can literally clear things out of your home in order to work proactively with this T-square.

And that is what Empowering Astrology is — harnessing energy for personal evolution. Look to your own chart. Be proactive, not reactive. Guide the arrow.