Welcome to Scorpio season, the time in the zodiac calendar when life seems more fleeting. There’s a chill in the air, leaves decay, and the light of the Sun illuminates our fears and anxieties. Scorpio is a psychologically driven sign. It helps us understand ourselves more deeply though our intimate experiences — the times we open up emotionally to someone we trust or reveal our most hidden or secret parts to a lover.

With Mars moving from Capricorn to Aquarius on November 9, Scorpio season will span between busy, curious, and chatty versus sensitive, pulled back from the world with a need to nest. We’ll also be doing some emotional digging in the middle of November, too. With the full moon on November 14 touching on the security and trust that comes through having the right people in our lives, the cosmos will be asking us to tend to our roots. What’s going to help us feel safe and secure? Especially as we move through the emotional intensity of Scorpio season?

Sort of lost in the background this month is Neptune’s forward station on November 19. Compared to its outer planet brethren, Neptune doesn’t pack the punch of Uranus or Pluto. It’s a quiet influence that tugs that the edges of reality and opens up our perceptions to the beyond. So, we may feel much more sensitive than usual, filled with emotions — some of which may be intense around November 19. Our intuition and dreams will be more alive as well. And, seeing how Scorpio season coincides with the Day of the Dead and other similar celebrations, the veil will be very thin.

Then there’s another planet making moves this month, one that, like Neptune, plays behind the scenes. Chiron will station direct on November 30, setting a poignant tone for December. Chiron asks us to take a look at our wounds, our emotional and psychic knots that are both ours and part of something bigger. Whatever healing you do on yourself, especially any conscious or unconscious resentment towards Source, will help open up the fabric of humanity for more light and understanding.

Lastly, even though November is Scorpio season, we can’t miss that the Sun will also touch into the beginning of Sagittarius starting November 21. In fact, an ongoing square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn will reach peak on November 24, bringing a possible crisis of faith or a need to reform or take a stark look at what we believe in. And, seeing how Jupiter is in Libra, our relationship will be up for serious review later this month.

DATES TO NOTE: 11/1 Sun trine Neptune; 11/3 Mercury sextile Pluto; 11/4 Venus square Chiron; 11/5 Venus trine Uranus; 11/6 Mercury trine Chiron; 11/7 Sun sextile Pluto; 11/9 Mars enters Aquarius; 11/11 Venus enters Capricorn; 11/12 Mercury enters Sagittarius, Sun trine Chiron; 11/14 Full Moon 22 Taurus; 11/15 Mercury sextile Mars; 11/18 Mercury square Neptune; 11/19 Neptune Direct 9 Pisces, Venus sextile Neptune; 11/21 Sun enters Sagittarius; 11/22 Mercury sextile Jupiter; 11/23 Mercury conjunct Saturn; 11/24 Jupiter square Pluto; 11/25 Venus conjunct Pluto, Venus square Jupiter; 11/26 Mercury trine Uranus, Mercury square Chiron; 11/29 New Moon 7 Sagittarius, Venus sextile Chiron, Venus square Uranus; 11/30 Chiron Direct 20 Pisces.


Aries Glyph

How’s your career been going? Have you been pushing out into the world? Reinventing yourself? Getting a new job? Mars, your ruling planet, has been in Capricorn since September 27, helping you to set a course in the world and take on new responsibilities. Use the first week of November to tie up loose ends because Mars will switch signs on November 9. Activating the sign of Aquarius, you’ll be entering a six week period where you’ll be casting an eye for the future. After all you’ve reached and struggled for in October, what’s next? What does the big picture look like? Aquarius is also a sign that will inspire you to make connections with your community, your friends, and other like minded individuals. Additionally money will get a big look this month — as in assets, debt, taxes, loans, and benefits. Scorpio season is a natural time of the year when security is front and center, from material security to emotional. And Scorpio is a sign that can make you uncomfortable depending on how well you deal with the things that shake and rattle your confidence. This may include intimacy, secrets, trust, and sexuality. (Take note that you may be revisiting some events or themes from earlier this year when Mars was in Scorpio.) The full moon on November 14 will bring a decision or action around money. You may be thinking of asking for a raise or taking steps to make more money professionally, but it may involve taking classes, getting specialized training, or long journey to do so. PS, pay attention to Neptune’s forward movement on November 19. Your dreams may be more vivid, your feelings more intuitive as Neptune reminds you of your connection to the universal and the energy of forgiveness. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, partnerships, one-on-one connection, other people, consensus, balance, reinvention, transformation, breakdown, breakthrough, career, the public, reputation, status, ambition, achievement, recognition, power, control, endings, beginnings, trust, secrets, intimacy, sexuality, psychology, fears, emotional connection.


Taurus Glyph

It’s all about other people this month, from your social connections to the feelings of security and trust that stir up within intimate partnerships. Let’s be honest though. As a Taurus you’re a sign that doesn’t like to rock the boat too much. And Scorpio, by its nature, is a boat rocking sign. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s just the natural yin to your yang so to speak. In fact, Scorpio and Taurus complete each other. So, with that in mind, this is a month to really reach out to others, to find balance between what you want and want a partner wants. With Mars, your relationship planet, arriving in Aquarius on November 9, you may be thinking seriously about the responsibility of partnership this month. How can a mate help you achieve your goals or ambitions? Be a support for life’s bigger themes? Further, how can you and a partner create a beautiful future together? In other news, Venus, your ruling planet, will switch signs on November 11, activating a need to get out and explore. You may be looking toward distant shores in November, planning a trip, or exploring other cultures, philosophies, or religions. But don’t forget that Mars is really pushing things professionally this month. So make a plan for what you want to achieve, what gains you to make. Mars is nothing short of assertive and will heat up your career into December. Lastly the Taurus Full Moon on November 14 will put you in the spotlight. Apart from being inspired to take action in life, you may have a decision to make about your education. Or, you may even need to get real about what you believe in, taking into account that your whole worldview has undergone a profound shift over the last few years. Don’t be afraid to face your fears. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, partnerships, other people, security, trust, stability, autonomy, dependence, compromise, career, place in the world, direction, ambition, public life, reputation, responsibility, education, world view, philosophy, beliefs, religion, travel, distant journeys, exploration.


Gemini Glyph

Scorpio season is a time when the spotlight is naturally on health, nutrition, and the details of daily life! (I know, not very glamorous.) If you think back to a few years ago, this was an area that you were extra focused on courtesy of Saturn’s long term visit of Scorpio. (You know, from 2012–2015.) With a nod to Saturn, November will be a great month to check back in on health. Do you need a follow up? Do you need to revisit your diet? Fitness? Wellness? Do you desperately need to get organized? The new moon, which arrived just before the start of November, will give you a reset, especially one aimed at radically rethinking how you do things or organize your day. The full moon on November 14 will turn you inward, putting an emphasis on retreat, contemplation, and endings. The pull this month will definitely pull between tending to the body as well as the soul. Another major area of focus this month will be travel and education as well as how you see the world. With Mars trading signs on November 9, you may be looking to book a vacation or take a long distance journey — maybe even one to a foreign land. Education will also be very active for you, from getting the career training you need to going back to school. And we both know that Gemini is the sign of the writer. November will be a great time to get published or get your ideas out into the world. But with the planets starting to dip into Sagittarius by the middle of the month, you’ll also be looking towards relationships, too. In fact, a powerful rendezvous between Jupiter and Pluto on November 24 will push you to take a major look at how you interact and connect with everyone. Something will have to evolve, even if it means looking at something you’d rather not. As you move into December, you’ll be ready to turn the page to a new chapter in a relationship. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Diet, health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, taking care of the body, taking care of the soul, daily life, organization, schedule, work, projects, colleagues, vacation, long distance journeys, foreign lands, other cultures, education, religion, relationships, partnerships, other people, transformation, alchemy, power, shadow.


Cancer Glyph

October was a little bit of a wild ride, wasn’t it? In November, however, the Sun will shine on fun, leisure, and romance. (You could use a little bit of a breather, right?) This will also be a month to tune into what makes you, well, you. And after the ups and downs of the last few years, it’s never a better time to get back to yourself and take pleasure in life. Make no mistake, the energy is still very intense, which can sometimes overwhelm you, Cancer. But November will be a reminder to take time for the things that fuel you. That said, dating, romance, and sex may factor in more this month, especially after Mars changes signs on November 9. Mars has a fiery energy and it will activate your chart’s sector of intimacy and trust, giving you an initiative or spark to make a real connection with someone. In fact relationships of all varieties will be highlighted this month. The full moon on November 14 will point towards your friendships as well as your community. Who are your allies? How will you strengthen your relationships? Over the last five or six years you’ve had to completely remake many partnerships as well as face some of the darker aspects in other people. Having learned so much, who are the people you want in your life now? The solid, dependable friends, lovers, and mates? By the end of the month, as the Sun slides into Sagittarius on November 21 and the new moon on November 29, you’ll be turning your attention toward health and wellness. In fact this is an area that’s been getting a bit of attention over the last year. This month will be a check in — or rather a checkup — with all the work you’ve been doing on your body. Need to make a change to your diet? Need to hit the gym or work in some physical activity? Let’s not forget that in addition to health, you’ll be focusing on getting organized later this month, starting new projects, or working through a lot of the details that make your daily life run. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Want to learn more about how the astrology of October will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Creativity, self expression, talents, identity, leisure, fun, romance, relationships, connection, community, friendships, the future, the collective, big picture, intimacy, vulnerability, trust, security, money, finance, wealth, legacies, benefits, debt, taxes, health, wellness, nutrition, hygiene, taking care of the body.


Leo Glyph

Leo, you are a sign that is ruled by the Sun, hence your larger than life reputation. (Yes, I’m also waving at all you shy Leos out there.) So, wherever the Sun goes, you go. And, when the Sun is in Scorpio, it’s a natural time for you to pull back from the world and get back to basics. With that in mind, the new moon that falls just before the start of November, will open a month focused on home, family, roots, and feeding yourself with the things that nurture you. Planning a move? Looking to make a major change in the home? Or even uprooting yourself in some way? November will be your month. When Mars changes signs on November 9, relationships will heat up into December. In fact Mars has a blustery reputation when it checks into that part of your chart that speaks to your one-on-one connections, your partnerships, and even your marriage. With the Sun in Scorpio, you may be sorting through themes of trust, stability, emotional intimacy with a partner. Additionally, you and a mate may need to find ideological or intellectual common ground. That said, don’t be surprised if Mars forces an issue with a close connection. Switching gears, the full moon on November 14 will put the spotlight on career as well as your place in the world. And if you’re looking to hear about a career change, a new job, or gain recognition, the full moon will put the attention on you. Looking toward the end of the month, after the Sun arrives in Sagittarius on November 21, the narrative will start to shift toward creativity, talent, and identity. Ever since Saturn set up shop in Sag back in 2015, you’ve been doing MAJOR work on how you express and take ownership of who you are as well as what gifts you have to share. Late November will be a check in on this bigger chapter. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Home, family, roots, connection, emotional security, emotional fears, nostalgia, memories, foundation, inner world, outer world, career, status, reputation, ambition, recognition, relationships, partnerships, other people, one-on-one connection, talents, self expression, identity.


Virgo Glyph

Things may be finally starting to settle down this month after a shaky September marked by two powerful eclipses. That said, November is traditionally is a busy time for you. With the Sun moving through your sign of travel and communication, it’s not uncommon for you to run around town to appointments, wield an uptick of phone call and texts, or head out on a trip. While there may be a restlessness to this month, Mars’s change of signs on November 9 will help you double down on planning and organization — yes, Virgo, your favorite thing. So, if you’re thinking about travel, especially around the full moon on November 14, make sure you double check your plans and sort out all the details. (Yes, of course you would do that normally, but Virgo can sometimes get so caught in the details that it loses sight of the big picture.) Another area of focus this month will be education. What skills do you need in your career? What training or focused study will help you achieve your ambitions? Again, the full moon on November 14 may bring a decision. Mars will also push you to take a look at health and wellness. As a result you may reading up on innovative approaches to diet and nutrition as well as alternative approaches to healing — especially anything that links the emotional body to the physical. By the last week of November the Sun will be sliding into the bottom of your chart, an area that serves as the foundation of your life. And what could be more foundation than home, family, and your inner circle. This is an area that has had a lot of emphasis on it over the last year or so. Virgo is a sign that’s so good at taking care of others that it sometimes forgets to take care of itself. Use November to reconnect with what nurtures, supports, and sustains you. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Travel, movement, trips, transportation, writing, thinking, learning, classes, curiosity, siblings, education, specialized study, higher degree, philosophy, beliefs, world view, religion, foreign travel, long distance journeys, home, family, foundation, roots, emotional connection, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition.


Libra Glyph

What brings you stability? What do you value? How do you want to earn a living? With the Sun in Scorpio for most of this month, this is the time of the year for you to look at finances. And Scorpio is a sign that will force you to take a look at what you fear or what makes you uncomfortable about money. But Scorpio is also a sign that can command a lot of power — when used wisely. So, what are you building for yourself? When we zoom out a little bit we see that money was an area of your life that you did a lot of work on in the past few years. You may feel as though you’re revisiting some of the changes you made with money or the commitments you made from 2012–2015. The new moon, falling just before the start of the month, will point to new beginnings with money, income, and salary for most of November. You may need to think out the box or make a radical change as a result. When Mars switches signs on November 9, the narrative this month will shift toward creativity, self expression, and talent. It will also highlight talent and, more specifically, the talents you have to earn a living. Don’t forget to cultivate them this month, whether its ingenuity, big ideas, or your intellect. The full moon on November 14 will bring a decision around credit, loans, and assets. You may even hear about a home loan or your living situation. The full moon will also be a great time to check in on mental or emotional health, taking stock of life’s uncomfortable truths. We can’t forget that Venus, your ruling planet, has been buzzing around town of late and lending to a busy first half of the month. But once Venus changes signs on November 11, arriving in Capricorn, you may find yourself retreating from the world a little, tending to the home instead by creating or making your home the solid foundation you need it to be. Some of the busy energy will continue into late November, especially once the Sun arrives in Sagittarius on November 21. You may be going on trips, running appointments, fielding messages, or signing up for classes. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Money, salary, income, value, material world, material security, basic needs, finance, wealth, benefits, other people’s money, legacies, taxes, debt, home, family, roots, stability, foundation, emotional connection, talent, creativity, individuality, self expression, leisure, fun, romance, travel, commute, transportation, writing, learning, communication, classes, siblings.


Scorpio Glyph

Happy birthday, Scorpio! You’ll be starting the month off busy — and maybe a little crazy thanks to Uranus — with Mars down in the travel sector of your chart. Don’t be surprised if you’re running around town, going on a short trip (maybe for your birthday?!), fielding calls, or generally chattier than usual. But once Mars changes signs on November 9, the tempo will shift toward home, family, and nesting. Which, if we’re being honest, can make for a lower tempo birthday if you’re celebrating after November 9, but what this birthday will highlight is the importance of the people closest to you, your inner circle, your confidants, and your family — the people you value. Speaking of people, the full moon on November 14 will put the spotlight on relationships and your one-on-one connections. You may have a decision to make about a partnership or alliance, one that rests on information or a degree of flexibility on your part. You may even see a new chapter with a mate, one that touches on themes of stability and security. Then, on November 21, the Sun will wave goodbye to Scorpio, dipping into Sagittarius, your sign of money, income, stability, and the stuff you own. This is actually an area you’ve been doing a lot of heavy lifting in since last year. And you’re already a sign deeply connected to wealth. With that mind mind, spend the last week of November really getting back to basics. How much money do you need in your bank account? How will you use your ambitions, your talents, and your magic to manifest what you want? The Sun will be highlighting these questions into December, especially once its has it’s major check in with Saturn on December 10. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: You, individuality, taking the lead, new beginnings, other people, relationships, partnership, social interactions, travel, movement, learning, classes, writing, thinking, communication, information, home, family, foundation, roots, emotional connection, emotional security, inner circle, money, income, salary, material security, stuff you own.


Sagittarius Glyph

Ever since Jupiter, your ruling planet, arrived in Libra in September, relationships, friendships, and community have been more important than usual. If fact, maybe you’ve met new people of late as you reach out into the world to make connections. The thing is that Libra is a social sign. It demands interaction, exchange, cooperation. But as much as Jupiter would like to flutter about with abandon in Libra, it’s coming up to a big deal square with Pluto on November 24. Two things you’ll need to keep in mind this month. One, Pluto is like a mirror and it’s holding you accountable this month, demanding change. Two, think way way way back to December 2007. That was the month that Jupiter and Pluto lined up in Sagittarius, starting you on a journey that has a connection to this month. Maybe you made a powerful change around then. Maybe you took a hard look at yourself. If so, Pluto’s job in November will be to remind you of whatever began at that moment nine years ago. Okay? Okay. In other news, Scorpio season is a time when you’re naturally winding down, looking back, and preparing for another birthday. The new moon, falling just before the start of November, will open up a lunar month focused on retreat, rest, recuperation, and inner work. What do you need to let go of in order to start fresh in your new year? When Mars changes signs on November 9, the tempo will heat up. Even though you’d rather sleep make time for personal reflection, Mars will have you out and about. Think travel, running around town, short trips, and extra time spent on cars, trains, or planes. There will also be a strong link between how you communicate and your intuition in November, so pay attention your dreams or any other strong nudges from the Other Side. The full moon on November 14 will highlight health and personal care, so mid month will be the perfect time to make a decision about diet, nutrition, and fitness. (The full moon will be in Taurus; maybe get a massage, too.) But with the energy of the full moon bouncing over to Capricorn, the cosmos will be pushing you to take a look at what you value and how you make time and space for what you value in your everyday life. What needs to change? Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Retreat, reflection, coming to the end of the road, letting go, recuperation, intution, dreams, spiritual needs, phyiscal needs, health, wellness, diet, nutrition, taking care of the body, every day life, schedules, work, projects, travel, trips, movement, communication, classes, learning, writing, ideas, curiosity, intellect, siblings.


Capricorn Glyph

Capricorn, you’re getting closer to that time of year, the time when you celebrate another birthday and another trip around the sun. When it’s Scorpio season, however, you’re looking toward the future, thinking big picture, and connecting to the people who support your vision. Think friends and community. I don’t have to tell you the last few years have been hard, so use November to reconnect with allies and supports, especially those you really value. Speaking of value, when Mars changes signs on November 9, it will activate your chart’s sector of money, income, and the stuff you own. Time to get back to basics, Cap. What do you need to survive? Feel comfortable? How do you make the money you need to feel secure? Don’t forget your emotional needs, too, especially after life’s ups and downs. But also note that this combo may make you emotionally spend. Instead, buy things for the home that will help you create the foundation or the nest your life needs. The full moon on November 14 will be a reminder to have fun. Falling in the sign of Taurus, the full moon will highlight play and life’s earthier pleasures. It will also highlight themes around identity, creativity, talent, art, performance, and even romance. By November 21, you may start to feel like you’re slipping behind the scenes. Carve out some time later this month to relax and recharge your batteries. With Saturn, your ruling planet, tucked away in Sagittarius, you’ve already been doing a lot of soul searching over the past year or so. The end of November will help illuminate these deeper spiritual and existential questions you’ve been chewing on — themes such as faith, meaning, and what really matters in the bigger scheme of things. Lastly, a series of bumpy aspects between Venus, Pluto, and Uranus during November 25–29 may shake things up in your career. Do you need to reinvent yourself? Take your life in a new direction? Something to keep in mind as you close out the month. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Community, friendships, social connections, allies, the collective, humanity, social causes, the future, talent, identity, self expression, creativity, ego, fun, leisure, romance, play, money, income, salary, material needs, material security, purchases, faith, belief, mysticism, intuition, dreams, feelings, retreat, recuperation.


Aquarius GlyphAlthough Scorpio season is a natural time of the year for you turn your attention toward career and see your hard work pay off, you may feel as though things aren’t quite coming together. That’s because Mars, your career planet, has been in wind down mode since late September. As much as you want to move forward, things have been working themselves out behind the scenes. You may have been also shedding and letting go as well, resting up for the next big push. Even though you had a new moon in your career sign just before the start of the month, it may take until after November 9 for you to see movement. That’s the day that Mars moves into Aquarius, igniting your sign with passion, fire, inspiration, and motivation. It’ll be a commanding placement, drawing a link into December between you and your career. The full moon on November 14, however, will shine a light on home and family. For all your worldly ambitions right now, you can’t forget home and family, you can’t forget the very roots that support and sustain your life. Don’t forget to check in with those closest to you around the middle of the month. Sometimes life requires small sacrifices and quiet moments to reflect on what really matters. With the Sun moving into Sagittarius on November 21, you’ll be checking in with a major chapter of your life. See, ever since Saturn, your ruling planet, moved into Sagittarius back in 2015, there’s been a big focus on community. In short, this has been a time to network, strengthening friendships and alliances. So, who are your people? The Sun will help illuminate this part of your life and help you make connections, especially with those who share your worldview. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, the world, the public, recognition, status, title, success, achievement, responsibility, retreat, reassessment, rest, recuperation, behind the scenes, intuition, reflection, the self, action, leadership, drive, action, aggression, home, family, stability, emotional security, roots, move, community, friendships, networking, the future.


Pisces Glyph

Let’s get big picture here. You’re already a sensitive sign, yes? And ever since Neptune moved into Pisces back in 2012, you’ve been getting even more sensitive. (Yes, I know. How is it possible?!) Neptune in Pisces imparts this subtle yet immense presence that slowly dissolves everything — your boundaries, your sense of who you are. See, Pisces has a job to do. You teach humanity compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, and the universality of life’s experiences. With Neptune in Pisces, however, it’s as though your job has gotten more urgent. And I don’t have to tell you that the world could use some Pisces love right now. But here’s the thing. You can’t personalize this compassion work. It’s not about you, if you understand. It’s about the unconditional love that flows through you like an unending river. I say all this because Neptune, after five months retrograde, will turn direct on November 19. You may feel a bit flooded this month. If the suffering of the world is too overwhelming, make sure you take care of yourself — whatever feeds your soul. Yes, the world needs Pisces, but you’re still human. Whatever you do, don’t drink Neptune, a planet that has reputation for pushing us to escape through substance. Instead meditate in November. Make art. Daydream. Carve out sacred alone. Align your consciousness with Source Consciousness. Some of this self care make take place abroad or while on a long journey. Scorpio is your travel sign after all. It’s also your sign of education and wisdom, so this will also be a great month to immerse yourself in different philosophical teachings, anything that helps you pull back the veil to discover hidden knowledge. The full moon on November 14 may bring a decision about learning, teaching, and communication. Or you may be finalizing plans for a trip. Then, starting on November 21, the Sun will be begin to highlight career and your place in the world. This is an area that has had a lot of scrutiny on it since last year. Meaning, you’re in a time of your life where you need to take the next step up, achieve more, and define what you want your career to be. With Pluto in the mix, you need a major transformation in how you interact with the world. If there are fears holding you back, time to let them go, especially around November 25. Want to learn more about how the astrology of November will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Emotional sensitivity, compassion, suffering of the world, overwhelm, unconditional love, intuition, psychic ability, the collective, the universal, retreat, rest, recuperation, spiritual values, beliefs, philosophy, religion, worldview, education, specialized training, career training, classes, information, learning, writing, communication, travel, short trips, commute, long distance travel, journeys, quests, vision, career, status, reputation, the world.