Welcome to Pisces Season! This is the time in the astrological calendar when we pull back from the world, reflect, meditate, and reach toward the intangible. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and when we arrive at this time of year we’ve come to the end of a long journey. What have we learned? Where do we need to let go? Do we have a deeper wisdom about the world and the struggles and joys that we all as humans experience? Where are we in illusion? Where do we need more discernment?

One of the major influences this month is Jupiter’s tense face off with Uranus and square to Pluto. While normally Pisces Season is a quiet time, Uranus and Pluto may make it feel quite the opposite. These planets demand evolution, change, and transformation. So the pressure will be on. But let’s not forget that it’s still Pisces Season; we need to find stillness and understand more deeply what has to change in our lives.

We’re also coming off of two eclipses as we step into March. As a result our lives may still be shaking after February’s rapid movement. How will we use Pisces’s energy to integrate and understand what has happened on a deeper, spiritual level?

Speaking of movement, Mars will also switch locations on March 9, activating the sign of Taurus into April. During this time, we’re motivated to seek out security and stability, to look at themes of value and material abundance. Also, Mars in Taurus is known for being very sensual and pleasure loving, an energy I’m sure we can all get behind.

That said, another major facet this month will be Venus Retrograde. Starting March 4, Venus will be kicking up Aries lessons around the value of independence and leadership. Truth be told, Venus in the sign of Aries isn’t really about making nice or cooperating. She’s a bit brash and domineering. So if an interpersonal issue comes up between you and someone else, it make take a little time to smooth out.

More importantly, retrogrades touch on the past, so maybe you need to look at past patterns around relationships and connecting to people. Don’t be surprised if a few old lovers pop up out of the blue to tie up loose ends — classic Venus Retrograde. If you start a relationship, there may be something about the past to work out or a feeling of fated connection. One of you may not be available in some way, too. More classic Venus Retrograde. Venus will turn direct on April 15.

Lastly, the full moon on March 12 will be a crossroads for many of us. Squaring off with Saturn, we’ll need to look at balance in our lives, how we take responsibility, how we handle the details. And the full moon will fall in the sign of Virgo. This month, for all its hazy Pisces emotions and feelings, will be a call for purity and commitment.

DATES TO NOTE: 3/1 Sun conjunct Neptune; 3/2 Jupiter opposite Uranus; 3/4 Venus Retrograde 13 Aries, Mercury conjunct Neptune; 3/8 Mercury sextile Pluto; 3/9 Mars enters Taurus, Sun sextile Pluto; 3/10 Mercury conjunct Chiron; 3/12 Full Moon 22 Virgo, Mercury sextile Saturn; 3/13 Mercury enters Aries; 3/14 Sun conjunct Chiron; 3/17 Sun square Saturn; 3/18 Mercury conjunct Venus; 3/20 Sun enters Aries; 3/23 Mercury square Pluto; 3/24 Mercury opposite Jupiter; 3/25 Sun conjunct Venus; 3/26 Mercury conjunct Uranus; 3/27 New Moon 7 Aries, Mars sextile Neptune; 3/29 Mercury trine Saturn; 3/30 Jupiter square Pluto; 3/31 Mercury enters Taurus.


Aries Glyph

With all the planets bunching up in Aries and in the signs next to yours, it’s easy to say that it’s not really about other people right now — it’s about you. How do you communicate? How do you take the lead without steamrolling over people? But, also, what do you need to let go of? While part of you wants to move forward this month, Pisces Season will mean you have loose ends to tie up first. After all, Pisces represents the end of the road. It’s the last sign of the zodiac before the cycle begins anew in Aries. With your birthday on the horizon, it’s a time to reflect, shed old skin, and get still (yes, hard for an often restless Aries). Plus, just before the start of March, you had a Pisces solar eclipse that signalled that endings, rest, and spirituality are going to be big themes over the coming six months. So, Aries, keep in mind that as you march forward this month (see what I did there?) it will come with a sense that something’s ending, too. In other news, some of February’s restless energy and agita will start to calm when Mars enters Taurus on March 9. Taurus teaches you to get comfortable. Find some snacks. Take it slow and easy. But, also, Mars’s journey through Taurus will mean that you’re going to be focused on finding material stability into the end of April. This may include taking action to increase your income, getting your personal finances in order, or gathering what you need to survive. Taurus is a very nuts and bolts sign and you’re getting down to basics this month while taking a stark look at what’s in your unconscious, how you sabotage yourself. Break the illusion this month. Discover what’s a dream and what’s reality. Speaking of reality, the full moon on March 12 will put your daily life, habits, schedule, and work in the spotlight. Do you need more discipline? Do you need to get organized? Make a change in your work or day-to-day grind? Health and how you take care of your body will also be a focus around the days of the full moon. Last but not least, Venus will turn retrograde on March 4. Venus just so happens to be your money planet as well as your relationship planet. When a planet turns retrograde, it’s a time when we have to do inner work around that planets themes. Venus will be retrograde until April 15 and during this period you’ll be looking at your past karma with other people, romantic partnerships, how you spend money, and what you value. Don’t be surprised if an old lover resurfaces to help you close the chapter on your connection. Any relationship you start may feel fated or connected to the past.  Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Endings, letting go, retreat, reflection, recuperation, addictions, illusions, new beginnings, motivation, renewal, relationships, money, income, material security, trust, stability, stuff, health, wellness, diet, fitness, nutrition, spiritual health, soul, spirituality, mysticism, service, work, organization, routine, schedule.


Taurus Glyph

How do you take care of your body? How do your organize your day-to-day life so that everything runs smoothly? What does purity mean to you? Service? Community? March opens right on the heels of a solar eclipse that put a big emphasis on making changes in your daily life as well as within your circle of friends and community. With Neptune playing a starring role in that eclipse, you may thinking about sacrifice and the needs of others. A friend may need your help or you may be looking to make more of a difference in your community. (Neptune is higher callings after all.) Then there’s health and the body. Venus, your ruling planet, will be in retrograde starting March 4, and you may feel life a bit push and pull, stop and go this month. More specifically, you may need to look at shedding old habits or seeing how diet and your daily life also impacts physical and emotional health. So, what do you do? It’s important this month to relax and recuperate. If you’ve been running ragged, you may get sidelined by a cold or a lingering fatigue since your body is more sensitive. (Take your vitamins!) Try to check out foods that are better for you, take a look at your sugar intake, or get a check up with your doctor. While Venus will be low energy this month, perfect for dream work, meditation, and other spiritual endeavors, it’s also a great time to let something go. On the flip side, Mars’s arrival in Taurus on March 9 will give you a much needed boost, which is the opposite of what Venus is doing, creating an energetic back and forth this month. Mars and Taurus is actually a little bit of an interesting combination. While Taurus has a fairly chill reputation provided you have all your basic needs met — shelter, comfort, plenty of snacks — Mars has a habit of being anything but chill. Mars is impatient, argumentative, and a little hot headed. In other news, a full moon on March 12 will bring matters to a head between you and your community or friends. You may have to resolve a difference of belief, faith, or ideology. Do you trust your friends? Your community? Do they trust you? Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Community, friendships, social networks, groups, aspirations, the future, goals, connection, service, retreat, rest, recuperation, spirituality, mysticism, meditation, reflection, spiritual health, retracing steps, pulling back, new beginnings, moving forward, taking action, motivation, independence, tying up loose ends, creativity, self expression, identity, performance, talents.


Gemini Glyph

Pisces Season means that it’s time to turn your attention to your place in the world. After all, Pisces is your career sign and the February 26 solar eclipse in this sign struck a new hour. Over the coming months you’ll be making a change in your career, taking the next step up professionally, or getting a new title. And if we look a little deeper, Pisces is a sign that wants to do good in the world, help others, and be of service. If your current direct or career doesn’t fill your heart as well as your soul, March may bring a fair bit of soul searching. Your ruling planet, Mercury will meet up with Neptune on March 4, an intuitive, emotional, compassionate combination. Pay attention to any psychic nudges or visions around this time. You may see yourself on a different path or even in a different profession, like a higher calling. Additionally, Jupiter, your career planet, has been making tense aspects to Uranus, Mars, and Pluto. It’s a cosmic imperative for you to make a change in direction — something that will extend to your relationships as well. With Pluto putting pressure on Jupiter this month, you will have to face your relationship shadows, anything that touches on power, control, intimacy, and taboo. (We all have shadows.) Speaking of relationships, Venus will turn retrograde on March 4. While Venus doesn’t directly speak to relationships in your chart, it is the planet of love, beauty, and cooperation. However, Venus will turn retrograde in Aries, a sign that is known for its assertiveness, impulse, and single mindedness. In your case, you’ll be looking at your past experiences with friendships and community. You’ll have loose ends to tie up in March in your social connections. Then on March 12, a full moon will light up your chart’s sign of home, family, and emotional connection. Since full moons have a reputation for bringing events or forcing an issue, this may be a natural time when you’ll be planning a move or making a major decision about your living situation. Saturn will be calling serious shots with this full moon, so you may have to get super real about something in the middle of this month. Lastly, Mars will be tucked away in Taurus in March, a placement that may make you a little low on energy. Mars will be urging you to get quiet and still, meditate, rest, and search for answers within. With everything happening in your life right now and the crossroads you’re at, it’ll be good to check in with your higher guidance before you take the next step. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, the world, crossroads, milestones, responsibilities, titles, reputation, recognition, status, direction, ambitions, spiritual authenticity, meaning, purpose, home, family, living situation, roots, emotional security, community, friendships, social networks, groups, connection, endings, release, reflection, retreat, spirituality, recuperation, transformation.


Cancer Glyph

Thinking about packing your bags and heading off for some distant shore? Pisces is your travel sign and when the Sun winds its way through this sign, you’re naturally being pulled towards other cultures and ways of seeing the world. Pisces is also a quiet, mystical sign, too. So travel this month may have a hint of pilgrimage or retreat, something secluded when you can recharge your emotional batteries. And as a Cancer, a sign that is known for its sensitivity, it’s super important for you to take care of your emotional needs. You may find this a little hard this month, what with the planets pushing you out of the comfort of home and into the hustle and bustle of the world. March will also highlight career and responsibilities, continuing a theme from February. Maybe you had to make a change in the direction you’ve been taking your life? Maybe a new career opportunity came out of the blue? Maybe you suddenly left a job behind? You’ll be tying up loose ends this month, especially when Venus turns retrograde on March 4. Then on March 9, Mars will take the pressure off your career and your responsibilities, moving into Taurus. If February made ripples for you professionally, Mars will push you to network, seek out value in your social circles — something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a new line of work. Who are the people you need to be connecting with? Taurus is also your sign of friends and community and, as a result, March may be quite busy socially. Speaking of busy, the full moon on March 12 will shine the spotlight on education as well as communication. This area of your chart needs a lot of stimulation, so don’t be surprised if you’re making a decision about your education this month or have a big need to read, take a workshop or class, write, or get lost in many conversations, especially philosophical ones. Lastly, the new moon on March 27 will once again put career in focus as well as your status or title in the world and your ambitions. New moons are new beginnings so use this energy into April to start a new chapter professionally, one with an eye to the future. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Career, status, the world, public reputation, title, professional life, ambitions, career change, shifts in direction, the future, aspirations, working out loose ends, reworking plans, change in habits, change in daily life, change in health, change in diet, friends, social networks, professional networks, community, foreign travel, long distance travel, education, classes, workshops, training, transportation, communication.


Leo Glyph

Something interesting happened a few years back. Neptune, the planet of mysticism and spirituality moved into a very sensitive part of your chart, signalling a larger chapter in your life when you’re being guided to open up to the Other Side. Maybe you’ve been working on your psychic development or taking mediumship classes. Maybe you’ve been meditating more. And let’s not forget that this part of your chart has a lot of deep emotions and anxieties stored here so Neptune’s been literally flooding you at times with powerful feelings around death, loss, existential questions. I mention all of this because, as you step into March, you’ll be having a yearly check in with this mystical unfolding. You may be feeling more sensitive as a result as triggers around trust, security, and intimacy bubble up to the surface as well. Do your self care homework. Book time with a trusted advisor or seek out a trusted friend or ally to open up to. One of the things to keep in mind is that the planetary energy this month will link your ability to talk, hear, and listen with your ability to feel spirit. Make sure you take advantage of this! Mind you, you may be questioning if this is all real as well. (It is.) In other news, Mars will move into your chart’s career sector on March 9, heating up your professional life into April. Normally this is a great time to push ahead in the world, to take on new responsibilities, and go after your ambitions. But here’s the caveat. Venus, your career planet, will be retrograde until April 14. When a planet is retrograde, things aren’t moving forward. You’ll have all this motivation courtesy of Mars, but you’ll be forced to reexamine your values and take a look at how your beliefs need to shift. Instead, use Mars’s influence this month to lay the groundwork for professional gains. Then, come later in April (or even early June if we’re being honest; that’s when Venus will arrive in Taurus) you can start moving forward. But, first, you’ll have a major check in with Saturn, the planet of checks and balances, on March 17. Will your plans hold up to scrutiny? Do you need to make adjustments in your relationships? Let’s not forget the full moon on March 12. It’ll will demand a decision with money, basic needs, and material security. As in, what do you need to get by? Do you need to increase your income? Do you need to get your finances in order. Is debt a problem? Saturn, still knocking around, will demand you get your act together with anything that’s not working or not sustainable. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The shadow, fears, anxieties, the psyche, intimacy, trust, sexuality, secrets, taboo, mediumship, psychic abilities, money, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, benefits, shared resources, salary, beliefs, worldview, philosophy, education, the voice, communication, thinking, learning, travel, movement, career, status, reputation, ambitions, responsibilities.


Virgo Glyph

Hey Virgo! Pisces time is other people time because, as the sign opposite yours, Pisces invites you to go beyond yourself and experience life through relationships. In fact, this is a part of your life that has been getting a lot of movement of late. Just before the start of March, a solar eclipse in Pisces kicked off a six month period where your relationships will play a major role in the narrative arc. Note that this is all relationships, not just romantic. Pisces will ask: Are the people in your life spiritually aligned to your values? How are you learning to let go and allow other people to help you with the details? (I know, Virgo, it’s hard to let others drive sometimes.) The eclipse may also signal a time when people are quickly coming and going from your life since eclipse energy is known to move events along swiftly. And let’s note that things are possibly a little chaotic now. Jupiter, one of the big players in your chart, has been caught in a tense face off with Uranus since the beginning of the year. Plus it’s squaring Pluto. Translation? Something has to shift not only in your home and where you plant yourself, but also in your relationships. Needless to say, a lot of things are coming up for you. And with Mars rounding out its stay in Aries the first week of March, you’ve been sifting through a lot of deep emotional materials, from fears and anxieties, to concerns around stability and security. Come March 9, Mars will move into Taurus, heating up your travel sign into next month. As a result, you may be packing your bags for distant lands or gearing up for a journey. Mars will also motivate you to make education a priority as well as looking at how your values impact how you see the world. Do you need a paradigm shift? Then on March 12 a full moon will light up Virgo, putting you in the spotlight. This is a bit of a tough full moon to be honest. With Saturn making a hard angle to these lunar energies, you may find yourself at a crossroads in March, making a change in the home, with family responsibilities, or even a relationship. Keep in mind that the third week of March may be a little bumpy. Schedule some self care time or reach out to a therapist or trusted confidant. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Relationships, other people, allies, foes, cooperation, letting go, finding balance, crossroads, milestones, new beginnings, spotlight, money, finance, debt, wealth, benefits, material security, foreign travel, long distance journeys, education, university, specialized training, philosophy, religion, worldview, beliefs, publishing, law.


Libra Glyph

Let’s just jump right in. After all, your ruling planet, Venus, is in Aries. You want things fast, direct — impatiently so. But here’s the big news. Venus will turn retrograde on March 4, which means that March will not be a time to jump right in. Instead you’re pulling back, reflecting, and integrating new experiences. Plus, Aries is your relationships sign. Maybe you’ve been working through a new chapter with a mate or a personal connection. With Venus turning retrograde, however, there’s a hint of the past, an old lover resurfacing, or maybe you’ve met someone with whom you feel a deep past life connection. Just note that the story is still unfolding and something may not be clear until Venus turns direct on April 15. (Side note — the last time Venus was retrograde was July through August 2015. And the last time Venus was retrograde in Aries was March 2009. Meditate on those times.) But we can’t forget that Pisces Season is the time in your personal calendar when the sun shines its light on health, wellness, self care, your daily habits, and work. With Venus slowing down, use this shift in pace to tend to your body and its overall health and vitality. With Pisces as your health sign, you’re more sensitive than usual to anything that’s not energetically pure. And with this area of your chart still buzzing from the February 26 solar eclipse, you may be looking to cut some things from your diet this month. (This includes toxic people as well.) Then, on March 12, the full moon will light up a very sensitive part of your chart that speaks to spirituality, retreat, and letting go. We all carry baggage, Libra. What do you need to clean out on a soul level? What are your illusions? Your addictions? Use the full moon to release. Lastly, can’t forget to mention that Mars will be heating up themes of intimacy, trust, and emotional security this month. You may be feeling a little uncomfortable as a result, but note that this is an important part of your growth. You have to look into the corners of your own psyche and take inventory of what’s there. And you have to be willing to reveal the deepest parts of yourself with others in order for you to evolve. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Crossroads, changes, transformation, relationships, other people, partnership, new beginnings, new season, work, projects, schedule, daily life, health, wellness, taking care of the body, service, spiritual health, the soul, letting go, endings, retreat, recuperation, rest, dreams, sleep, the unconscious, the psyche, fears, anxieties, trust, value, stability, security, intimacy, old relationships, old lovers, old patterns.


Scorpio Glyph

How are you holding on, Scorpio? True, you sometimes feel like you have an endless supply of energy, but Mars’s visit to Aries has really tested your endurance. It’s been work, work, work since January and you could really use a vacation. Don’t forget to take care of your body during this marathon! The good news is that Mars will move out of Aries on March 9, sliding into the way more chill sign of Taurus. As a result, you may find March centered on creature comforts, pleasure, and the physical world. Taurus is also your relationship sign and this will be a natural month to reach out and make new connections and alliances. But here’s something you need to keep in mind. Venus, your relationship planet, will turn retrograde on March 4. Retrogrades make us look back, retrace our steps, reintegrate, and reevaluate. Ask yourself this month: Where do you need to get your love life in order? How do you empower yourself through relationships? Are your alliances equal? Let’s not forget that Pisces Season is romance season for you. I mean it’s a lot of things, but Pisces is the sign that shows you how to have fun, play, be yourself, and flirt. Mind you, this has been an area of your life where you’ve had to do some letting go over the past year. (The solar eclipse on February 26 touched on a major theme around higher love, compassion, forgiveness, past relationships, and release.) So, when we tie these threads together we get a month that is very much focused on other people, but in a way that demands a rethink. No big deal, right Scorpio? Transformation is your jam. Looking to the full moon on March 12, you’ll have a decision to make about your future as well as a friendship or an aspect of your social circle. Do you share the same values? Are you valuing what you have to share with the world? How can you be of greater service? Lastly, this is a creative, passionate time for you. Don’t forget to fill this month with art, music, dance, and the things you love. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Work, health, wellness, organization, schedule, daily life, projects, taking care of the body, fitness, diet, relationships, partnership, romance, old lovers, past relationships, power dynamics, unconditional love, higher love, spiritual love, children, identity, self expression, creativity, talent, performance.


Sagittarius Glyph

Have you caught your breath yet, Sag? February was a wild ride and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon. Usually you’re one to look on the bright side and find the humor and adventure in life’s ups and downs, but you’ve had your faith rocked. Why? Because Jupiter, your ruling planet, has been in a tense face off with Uranus, the planet that loves to rock our worlds and shake our consciousness. Plus Jupiter’s been having to deal with Pluto. In short, you’re feeling a big wave of evolutionary pressure right now — pressure to make big changes, even if you’re not quite sure what they are. That said, you have a lot to figure out. So you may want to sit down for a moment and rest. Good thing it’s Pisces Season, a time in your personal calendar when the Sun shines its light on home, family, and finding sanctuary. Don’t forget to nest this month, make your home the safe, quiet, and secure. When the Sun is in this part of your chart, it’s all about foundation. For all your big ideas and feeling like you’re being pulled in different directions, how will you nurture and care for the things or people who give you support at this time? How will you feed your roots? Another area of focus this month will be work and career. With Mars moving into your chart’s sector of getting organized, disciplined, and streamlined, March may be filled with projects and tasks. (Plus, it’ll be a great time to focus on health and wellness, anything that tend to you body, mind, and soul.) Then there’s career. The full moon on March 12 will put responsibility, status, and ambitions in the spotlight. You may have a decision to make about your professional life or take the next step in the world. With Saturn playing a major role in in the full moon, March may be a time of crossroads and personal milestones. (Saturn = big life events, the sort of things that crystalize our existence.) If fact, with Saturn in Sagittarius since 2015, you’ve been hustling hard to make something of yourself and get your life in order. March will be a check on this two year journey. You got this. Just make time for some rest and some relaxation at home. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Pressure, stress, emotional stress, change, evolution, transformation, home, family, emotional security, roots, grounding, foundation, stability, friends, groups, social networks, community, belonging, the future, aspirations, career, reputation, direction, crossroads, milestones, responsibilities, status, title, recognition, the world, work, health, wellness, projects, diet, fitness, nutrition, self expression, creativity, romance, identity, fun, play.


Capricorn Glyph

How you holding up, Cap? Having Mars as a guest in your home has been anything but relaxing. At best Mars has helped you make some home improvements or a radical (but necessary) change in your living situation. At worst, Mars provoked a crisis, one that touched on themes around safety and security that go back to your formative years. It’s hard to have this part of your life be upended as the home and family form the foundation from which everything rests on. Mars may have even brought sudden or unexpected events in the home or family. That said, Mars will pack its bags and leave Aries on March 9, setting up in earthly, pleasure loving Taurus. In fact, this is the sign that teaches you to be yourself and to have fun. (Maybe you could use some fun of late.) If travel and education is the sort of thing you find fun, then Pisces Season is a natural time in you calendar for you to explore, get curious, communicate, and learn. You may want to take a class or workshop, one that helps you get ahead professionally or provokes a new direction in life. The full moon on March 12 will light up your chart’s sector of foreign and long distance travel. You may be planning a big trip as a result or actively searching for ways to open and expand your view of the world. Let’s not forget about Venus Retrograde this month, too. Seeing how Venus is your career planet, if you’re thinking of making big moves in the world, you may have to wait. Retrogrades tell us that we don’t have all the story. We have to go back and review, reevaluate. (Venus will turn direct on April 15, by the way.) And as the planet that connects all of us to experiences of love and romance, you may find the retrograde period brings back old lovers or old relationship themes so that they can be reworked. Just something to keep on your radar. Lastly, the Sun’s move from Pisces to Aries later this month will put home back in the spotlight. You may getting ready for a move or need to recreate a sense of stability and security after Mars’s wild shenanigans. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: The home, family, security, stability, roots, crisis, moves, changes in the home, communication, learning, writing, speaking, thinking, workshops, classes, information, movement, the neighborhood, travel, commute, long distance travel, foreign travel, other cultures, philosophy, worldview, religion, beliefs, law, publishing, media, self expression, identity, creativity, talent, performance, children.


Aquarius Glyph

It certainly was a busy February, Aquarius. With Mars heating up travel and communication a couple of thing may have transpired. Either you found yourself running around town from errands and appointments or things got a little heated in the communication department. Mars can be blustery and a touch argumentative. While this energy will carry over into this month, things will shift when Mars arrives in Taurus on March 9. On one hand Mars is a little more relaxed in Taurus. On the other Mars will heat up a sensitive part of your chart that connects with themes of home, family, stability, and security. Mars in this part of your chart can be noisy, truth be told. There may be a change in the home or living situation, from a move to remodeling. Or something may arise in the family that will need you attention. Keep in mind that Venus will turn retrograde on March 4, the planet that happens to symbolize home and family in your chart. So if there is a change going on in your home or living situation, it may take until April to play out. That’s because when a planet is retrograde, we’re not moving forward. Instead we’re reviewing, reevaluating, retracing our steps, and looking to the past. We can’t forget that Venus is also the planet of love and relationships, so keep an eye out for past lovers who tend to resurface during retrogrades so we can tie up loose ends. That said, the overarching theme this March is stability and security, both emotional and material. If your world has been shaking a little bit, how do you get back to basics? How do you tend to your roots and the things or people who nurture your life? Between the February 26 solar eclipse and the March 12 full moon, money is also a big theme. You may be looking at workshops, classes, or training to help you get ahead professionally and make a higher salary. The full moon may also shine a light on the things that make you anxious or themes of emotional intimacy in addition to money and finance. Talk to the people closest to you and tell them what you need in order to feel safe, secure, and cared for, because you may find March pushing a few buttons. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

Key Themes: Money, income, salary, material world, material security, trust, intimacy, sharing, resources, stuff, purchases, finance, wealth, debt, taxes, partner’s money, communication, travel, movement, writing, learning, classes, workshops, teaching, home, family, roots, foundation, change in the home.


Pisces Glyph

Happy birthday, Pisces! What a year it’s been, huh? You’ve been under a lot of pressure to take big steps in your life and so the last twelve months may have coincided with major personal milestones or even a crossroads. Why? Not only has Saturn been in your career sign since 2015, pushing you higher up the ladder and giving you more responsibility, but the eclipses in the signs of Virgo and Pisces (hey, that’s you!) have been swiftly closing and opening doors. So here you are, another year around the Sun. The landscape may look a bit different than it did the last time you blew out the candles. And here’s another thing to add to the mix. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, has been in a tense formation with Uranus and Pluto since last month. That’s a big deal and as a result, you may feel like life has been pulling at you from different angles, pushing you to make even more changes. (Did you want peace and quiet for your birthday?) Where do you even start? My recommendation is to be very intentional about the coming year. If the astrology is pushing you to evolve — letting go of fears, breaking out of old patterns, opening up to intimacy, taking your life in a new direction — how will you work with this process instead of against it? No big deal, right? The full moon on March 12 will light up your relationship sign Virgo. Again, your life has been very crossroads-y of late. That extends to your important partnerships as well, both romantic and not. You may have a decision to make about a relationship, whether to take it to the next level or call it quits. With Saturn weighing heavily on the full moon, you may be asking yourself, does this person have it within them to go the distance? To build for the future? How are my needs getting met? Later this month, as you say goodbye to another birthday, the Sun will shine a light on money and material stability as well as your income. Time to get back to basics, Pisces. And you’ll be getting a push to speak up more, especially about the things that you value the most. Want to learn more about how the astrology of March will affect you? Book your consultation now.

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