Empowering Astrology Podcast: Interview with Dena DeCastroIn this episode of my podcast, Empowering Astrology, I sit down with wedding astrologer April Elliott Kent of Big Sky Astrology to learn more about selecting the most auspicious day to say “I do!” We also learn what goes into the foundation of an ideal wedding chart and get a sneak peek at her upcoming United Astrology Conference talk, which is titled, When Will I Get Married? Click here to listen.

Here’s an excerpt from our interview:

Empowering Astrology: Can you walk me through a simplified process of selecting a time [to get married]?

April Elliott Kent: [Laughs] There are a number of things you can narrow it down to pretty quickly. First you have to eliminate every day in the year when Venus is retrograde because Venus is the big marriage planet. It’s not the only important marriage planet, but it is vitally important. And you just don’t get married when Venus is retrograde. And that’s once every 18 months. So you take out those dates.

And then I eliminate all the days that Mercury is retrograde because Mercury is just aggravating when it’s retrograde. It’s not going to ruin the marriage, but why would you . . . the logistical complications of weddings are maddeningly enough without bring Mercury retrograde into the picture. I can think off the top of my head three couples who got married with Mercury retrograde. Their marriage is fine. They are happy. But their whole marriage has been very Mercury retrograde. Every time they try to go away together the weather is terrible, they have transportation problems, it’s crazy. So take those dates out.

What I usually tell people at the beginning of this is to make a whole calendar of the year and just take a big red pen and go through these dates. And you can see already were getting rid of, that’s 5 weeks a year with Mercury retrograde, possibly 5 or 6 weeks of Venus retrograde. So you’re really narrowing your focus.

Then the thing you want to do is find the months when Venus is making some really sweet aspects like to Jupiter and especially to Mars. And those are sort of the areas you want start focusing in.

Then you narrow it down further by trying to find dates when the Moon is in good shape. And by that I mean hopefully a sign that it’s strong in, which would be Taurus, Cancer, or for wedding work, Libra. And you try to avoid dates that it’s in signs like Scorpio and Capricorn.

So you try to find a moon that is hopefully in a good sign. But it’s more important that the moon is in good aspect to the Sun, and that is vital because the Sun and the Moon represent the man and the woman — the couple getting married. And then you try to find generally a moon that is well aspected in the sign and especially ends on a good aspect in the sign before it moves onto the next sign.

It sounds complicated, but it’s really this process of elimination. First you narrow down your focus to maybe a few weeks out of the year that are really really good because of the Venus aspects. And then you just try to find a good Moon. And then the challenge comes with trying to shoe horn that into their logistical situation. So hopefully you have one that is on a Friday, or a Saturday, or a Sunday or a whatever it is that you want. And then you start working with the time of the ceremony. It sounds complicated, but you can see there is a system to it.

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