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Saturn in Capricorn: Sign by Sign

Saturn will be in Capricorn through December 2020, giving us three years to master life’s most important lessons — commitment, duty, and responsibility. We’ll be facing our doubts and limitations, all in order to build a solid framework for our lives.

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Saturn in Capricorn: Accountability

Over the last three years we’ve been on a quest, a search in something more. How do we make sense of a world in chaos? Having diligently worked through life’s ethical questions courtesy of Saturn in Sagittarius, Saturn returns home to Capricorn.

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Saturn in Sagittarius: The Quest Begins

After three long hard years in Scorpio, Saturn will finally arrive in Sagittarius on September 17, 2015 for an extended stay. Few signs can mark such a stark divide. If Scorpio is a passage through life’s darkest experiences, then Sagittarius is the light and faith to see us through to the other side. For that […]

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Saturn in Sagittarius: Sign by Sign

Saturn will be in Sagittarius, the sign of travel and philosophy, until December 2017. If Saturn is mastery, what will it mean for you? Check out your Sun sign below. And if you know your rising sign, read for that as well. Aries or Aries Rising — Mastering the higher […]

Saturn represents the boundary between the visible and invisible.

In Defense of Saturn

Look, I didn’t set out to be a disciple of Saturn. And, let’s be honest, as planets go, Saturn has never been astrology’s favorite son. He is the planet of old age, maturity, limitations, restriction and other fun things like lead, bones, and dentistry. He’s both the archetype of Father Time and […]

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Saturn in Scorpio 101

When Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, 2012, we shifted into a two and a half year period, until September 17, 2015, of learning Scorpio themes. In short, death and rebirth, power, intimacy, and shadow. Note that Saturn takes 29.5 years to travel around the zodiac and so its entry into a […]

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Saturn in Scorpio: Hard Truths

The process of transformation is never easy. It’s usually through the catalyst of loss and disappointment that we discover the potent alchemical mix that pushes us towards personal mastery. How do we know what we’re made of if we’re never tested? How do we know what needs to be healed […]

Saturn in Libra and the Mirror

For all its niceties and focus on beauty, it would be a little unfair of us to paint the sign of Libra with such superficial strokes. After all, this girl has some real depth beyond a bad reputation for vanity. And Saturn transiting Libra over the next two years reminds […]

Saturn in Libra: Caught in a Bad Romance?

When a slow moving outer planet such as Saturn switches zodiac signs, recently entering Libra before retrograding back into Virgo last week, there is a subtle shift in focus from one area of our life to another. Our preview of Saturn in Libra asked us many questions: Do we have […]