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On Planetary Rulers

I use traditional rulers. Now, if you’re reading this post, you’re likely having one of three reactions to that statement: A. High five! I’m a purist. B. Traditional rulers?? Everyone knows that Pluto rules Scorpio. C. I have no clue what you’re on about. What’s a ruler? If you fall […]

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Your Self Care Toolbox

Now that we’ve arrived at the end of a three year cosmic intervention/reinvention, we may be limping a little. High powered change exacts a heavy toll on the body as well as the spirit. If you’re feeling tired and in need of a little TLC (and maybe a hug, too), here’s a reminder of what’s in your self care toolbox.

Saturn represents the boundary between the visible and invisible.

In Defense of Saturn

Look, I didn’t set out to be a disciple of Saturn. And, let’s be honest, as planets go, Saturn has never been astrology’s favorite son. He is the planet of old age, maturity, limitations, restriction and other fun things like lead, bones, and dentistry. He’s both the archetype of Father Time and […]

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Opening Your Intuition

A recent question from a client about opening up her intuition reminded me of a time when my own gifts were shut down despite my natal chart hinting at a different story. Like my client, I too had a desire to connect to something outside of myself yet not sure how […]

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Self Care for Empaths

In the spirit of Mercury Retrograde, I’m returning to an article idea, Self Care for Empaths, I’ve literally had for years. Not sure why it’s taken me four years to write — probably because there’s a fair bit of confession in this — but no time like the present as […]

Ordering from the Menu of Life

Ordering from the Menu of Life

I want to share a personal story that my guides reminded me of while I was meditating. It highlights a lesson that we could all stand to learn and how unconscious beliefs and programming are the unseen obstacles that prevent us from manifesting what we want. It also highlights how […]

You can use sage to clear energy, as seen above, but I prefer burning epsom salts.

Cleansing the Energy of Your Home

Imagine you’ve walked into the home of someone you’ve just met. There’s clutter everywhere, nothing is organized, and it’s physically hard to navigate between rooms because of furniture and stuff piled everywhere. How would you imagine the energy of that home feels? Unpleasant? Stagnant? Dense? The energy can’t move because […]

Ophiuchus. Not a new sign, so everyone calm down.

Astrology’s Big Moment

Last week the world freaked out when a Minnesota astronomer sent out a press release stating that the zodiac signs had shifted over time and, surprise, you’re not the sign you thought you were. Even more shocking, there was now a new zodiac sign — Ophiuchus. Thanks to the power […]