Stressful astrology alert. The Moon moves into Aries today, setting off a caustic confrontation between Mars and Uranus. Relationships are in the hot seat. Take care to avoid hotheaded arguments and volcanic purges of emotions. Mars and Uranus can be accident prone, too.

Not to be all “alerty” but it’s good to know how Mars and Uranus can work on an unconscious or lower level. On a more productive level, Mars and Uranus can help something come up that needs to come up, that needs to be seen in the light of consciousness. Jupiter’s in Scorpio, so it could be secrets or the sort of thing we normally keep private. (I like to call Uranus oppositions the “coming out” aspect.) If you’re a Scorpio or Aries, you may be on edge this week. And seeing how Mercury is still bumping around Saturn, if you’re the sort that drives, just be a little more patient while on the road.

Speaking of Mercury and Saturn, I wanted to build on yesterday’s update. The two planets scraped past each other early this morning, bringing something potentially serious to the forefront, especially around faith and belief. Mercury is also moving a bit slow as it gears up to turn retrograde on December 3, so it’s really digging into these Saturnian themes of commitment, responsibility, and defining how we see the world and how we’re going to live in it. Saturn forms a boundary. It forces a yes or a no. It forces us to consider how our actions and choices impact others. It forces us to grow up. Saturn is Life with a capital L.

The story isn’t over. Not even close. We still have Mercury Retrograde to get through until December 22, which means whatever is playing out right now will continue to do so into the end of this month. And Mercury won’t make its last conjunction to Saturn until January 13, so really whatever clarity or commitment we’re seeking may take until the new year.

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