The Scorpio Moon angles its way past recent eclipse degrees. Like a seamstress, it threads a line back to February and August 2017, the two previous eclipse cycles. Today is part of a greater lunar tapestry, one that has helped us discover a deeper sense of identity.

Scorpio forms a square to Leo and Aquarius, signs that, along with Taurus, form the “fixed cross”. There is a tension between the signs of Leo and Scorpio, a tension that creates an alchemy of transformation. Since we’re in the “gateway” between the two eclipses, something is brewing while the Moon is in Scorpio, something potent, alchemical, and almost intimate. It gives life to the February 15 solar eclipse

As an aside, I know some of you often ask, when is going to get better? When is it going to get easier? Please know that we’re in a unprecedented time in human history, a passage meant to shake our consciousness and motivate us to make powerful choices. The world around us is falling apart; Pluto’s in Capricorn. With new vision, everything has to be examined. Everything has to change. We have to build something better. We have to see ourselves as part of something whole instead of separate. We have to reconnect with the invisible, even if the invisible is something deep within ourselves.

These updates are intended to help you take consciousness as well as navigate this new emotional and psychic landscape. We are all in this together.

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Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash