We’re in the last days of Aries Season, a time in the zodiac calendar when we celebrate new beginnings and the rebirth of life. Then again, we haven’t quite been able to get started. Between Venus and Mercury Retrograde, it’s been look back at the past instead.

I’ve heard from a few people who are feeling stuck. And, speaking of the past, I’ve noticed that this recent Venus Retrograde cycle dug up old stuff — old relationship material, old self worth issues, old interpersonal issues. It hasn’t exactly been comfortable. Hopefully you’ve been using this time to work on yourself and how you interact with others.

Even with Venus out of retrograde as of April 15, it’s still not too late to a positive step forward. With Saturn so strong in the astrology this week, anything you can do to set healthy boundaries and build maturity will do wonders. Remember, Mercury Retrograde isn’t a time to slip into paralysis mode. It’s time to look at our past in new ways so we can make new choices moving forward.

The Sun will arrive in Taurus on April 19.

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