Imagine a kitchen stocked with the highest quality ingredients from proteins to spices to the freshest fruits and vegetables. What would you make with those ingredients?  A nourishing meal or a burnt mess?

Now imagine a kitchen stocked with the abundant energies of the Universe at your disposal. With a dash of Neptune, a pound of Pluto, and a whisk of Uranus, there is no end to the things you can make when you take the time cultivate a good meal. Too often people settle for the burnt mess, train-wreck of a life because they secretly think they deserve it. But what if I said you are worth it and you can create anything you want in your cosmic kitchen? The stars in the sky on the day you were born are the recipe for positive transformation.

It’s my goal to show you how to take control of your life using astrology as a guide.  Every planet is an ingredient towards nourishment on a soul level. So repeat after me, “I am worth all the love and abundance in the Universe.”

Let the transformation begin.