Working with the sun sign reading public as I do on Facebook, I often see first hand the destructive power of good/bad thinking in astrology, this idea that some planets are good and some planets are bad. Recently, when I discussed a classical technique called planetary strength, people spun out thinking that one of their natal planets might be “in detriment” or in an unfavorable sign. In fact, people got down right energetically rattled.

I share some of the classical approaches to astrology not to reinforce this good/bad paradigm or get you to look at your own chart in a way that makes you project insecurities onto it, but rather for you all to understand the foundation of astrology. Please, please, don’t disown parts of your chart. When you do, you tie a big energetic knot that becomes harder and harder to work out as you get older.

Empowering Astrology is all about consciousness. How do you bring consciousness to the parts of your chart that are complicated? Messy? Still hurt when you press on it?

Some signs are just unfamiliar territory for certain planets. The Moon is fundamentally a planet about closeness and connection. So what happens when you put it in Aquarius, a sign that is inherently abstract and about distance and the big picture stuff like the collective and community? It’s not a bad placement for the Moon. It’s just different. What happens when you put Venus, a planet about pleasure and beauty in a sign that is a bit no frills and selfless like Virgo? Again, it’s not bad.

Please don’t think your planets are bad or the reason for x, y, and z in your life. Every planet — even planets strongly placed — has a high side and a low side. We have to bring the highest consciousness to every planet in our chart regardless of placement, strength, elevation, and detriment. Some of the hardest working, most talented, and high achieving people have complicated, messy charts. Why? Because they took the resistance and transmuted it into something better.

I have Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. By the classical rules of astrology, that’s a bit of a black mark. But every day I work that Venus. I’m not saying it’s easy and, seeing how Venus rules my midheaven, she has a lot of power and status (plus she’s the highest classical planet in my chart). But here I am, every day, turning it out. My hope is that you will bring similar fire and intent to every corner of your own chart. And if you do, then I’m doing my job.

With love.