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Photo by Andrea Reiman. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: November 6, 2017

We’re coming off a full moon, one that asked us to serious reevaluate. Falling in the sign of Taurus, many of these reevaluations centered on money and stability, but they also touched on relationships. With Venus and Uranus in play, we may have had to make a break.

Photo by Johannes Plenio. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: November 3, 2017

Tomorrow’s Taurus Full Moon is not messing around. With a tight opposition between Venus and Uranus, our value, our worth, and our most basic needs are up for review. Uranus can be very make-or-break. It can also shock, awaken, and shake us into new awareness.

Photo by Simon Matzinger. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: November 1, 2017

We’re coming up to a full moon on November 4, one that will illuminate, awaken, and ask us to change what we value. Falling in the sign of Taurus, full moons are decisions and we can no longer nourish ourselves with the things that don’t let us flourish.

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Astro Daily: November 19, 2015

We may be caught in a haze of Neptune and pondering the meaning of life, but let’s look to Venus in Libra. The planet of value, relationships, and diplomacy will make a couple of bumpy aspects to Pluto and Uranus over the coming days. First up is tomorrow’s square between […]