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Astro Daily: April 20, 2018

Welcome to Taurus Season, the time in the zodiac calendar when we turn our attention to the earth beneath our feet. Taurus helps us get grounded into our physical lives, from accumulating the resources we need to live comfortably to money, food, and pleasure.

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Astro Daily: April 19, 2018

Last day of Aries Season, a time of starting over and moving forward. That said, this Aries Season has been a little complicated. We’ve had to rewind instead of take action. Tomorrow we arrive in Taurus and connect to the pleasure of element earth.

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Astro Daily: April 11, 2018

Of all the elements, it’s element earth that’s getting a lot of play right now. Earth invites us to ground, get nourished, and build something for ourselves. With Venus in Taurus harmonizing with Mars in Capricorn, we have an opportunity to find our real value.

Libra Full Moon: Back in Line

Libra Full Moon: Back in Line

Happy Libra Full Moon! This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight is on relationships, harmony, and beauty. As the complement to Aries, Libra takes us out of ourselves and into the world through socialization and partnership.

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Astro Daily: March 30, 2018

Tomorrow’s the Libra full moon. We’ve been building up to this all week. Seeing how full moons put a spotlight on a certain area of our lives, we may have a decision to make, especially a decision to make about a relationship or connection.

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Astro Daily: July 4, 2017

Venus isn’t quite out of Taurus and it’s a holiday here in the United States, so we’re having a cat nap today. The real fireworks start late tonight and into tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a lazy day and maybe nice meal, too.

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Astro Daily: July 3, 2017

Last day of Venus in Taurus. It’s been four weeks of pleasure, sensuality, and material indulgences. Before we say goodbye, take stock of what has born fruit since June 6 and what is pregnant with possibility.

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Astro Daily: June 6, 2017

Venus is finally in Taurus after three months of back and forth sluggish energy! In fact Venus is quite at home in Taurus, the sign it rules. Over the next four weeks, until July 4, we’ll experience Venus’s love of pleasure, earthy sensuality, and material abundance.

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Astro Daily: May 10, 2016

What is pleasure? Sensuality? Abundance? Today Venus in Taurus harmonizes with Jupiter in Virgo, an aspect that is said to denote good fortune and opportunity. If Taurus is seeds planted in the fertile earth, then Virgo is the skill and work needed to bring them to harvest.

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Astro Daily: April 29, 2016

Today Venus arrives in Taurus! After spending the last four weeks in Aries, a sign that’s not familiar territory, Venus will underscore themes of fertility, pleasure, bounty, earthiness, and the good life. In astrology we say that Venus is in dignity as Taurus is a sign that Venus rules. Not […]