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Photo by Faustin Tuyambaze. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: December 15, 2017

After three years in Sagittarius, the planet Saturn wraps up its long search for truth. There’s a seriousness is in the air, an anticipation. Saturn has tested our faith, has pushed us to find meaning in our lives. Now we graduate. 

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: December 12, 2017

The Moon winds its way through Libra, touching on themes of relationship and cooperation. With Venus in Sagittarius, this is a Moon that wants to wander and explore. It needs lots of space. We also need to review the beliefs we hold about relationship and cooperation.

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: December 11, 2017

Saturn arrives at the final degree of Sagittarius. Time for exams. What did we learn over the last three years? What do we believe in? What now has meaning? Are we older, wiser? Be ready to demonstrate what you know. Will you make the grade?

Photo by Lian Jonkman. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: November 27, 2018

Our week starts off on a serious note as Mercury joins up with Saturn, another reminder that we’re a mere three weeks away from Saturn leaving Sagittarius for Capricorn. With that in mind, time to reflect on what we’ve learned about our place in the world.

Photo by Okamatsu Fujikawa. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: November 20, 2017

Fresh off a new lunar month, the Moon is in Sagittarius, touching on heavy hitting themes around truth, meaning, and faith. That’s because Saturn’s in Sagittarius, too, a planet that wants us to define what we believe in and take our education seriously.

Photo by Nacho Rochon. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: October 24, 2017

As the Moon wraps up its stay in Sagittarius, it’s a reminder that we’re coming to the end of this long Saturn in Sagittarius journey. We’ve had to work hard to define what we believe in. Soon, Saturn will give us a report card.

Photo by Jason Briscoe. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: September 26, 2017

The Moon continues its journey in Sagittarius, not only activating a tense and edgy face off between Jupiter and Uranus, but Saturn as well. Restless, we’re feeling pulled in different directions. But Saturn is demanding that we get clear about our next steps.

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: September 13, 2017

The Sun makes its last major connection to Saturn in Sagittarius, signalling the final leg of a nearly three year journey in search meaning. We’ve had our faith tested. We’ve had to define our truth. How we see the world has greatly changed. 

Photo by Fleur Treurniet. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Astro Daily: September 11, 2017

It’s a “get our act together” themed week as the Sun comes up against Saturn. In short, this is our quarterly check in with the planet in charge of making sure we grow up, honor our commitments, and make something of ourselves. Here’s your progress report.

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Astro Daily: August 30, 2017

What does it all mean? The Moon rounds out its stay in Sagittarius and we’re in a reflective, philosophical mood. In fact, the Moon isn’t the only planet in Sagittarius. Saturn’s putting the pressure on us as well, pushing us to look both in and out for answers.

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Astro Daily: August 29, 2017

We may be feeling the pangs of wanderlust today, a need to explore as well as a hunger for knowledge. With the Moon in Sagittarius, we’re being pointed toward the horizon, toward distant lands and other cultures. Time to see the world.