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Astro Daily: February 2, 2018

Virgo Moon day. It’s time to pay attention to the details, set a schedule, and get things organized. Perhaps not the most glamorous way to start our weekend, but certainly the most productive for Saturday projects. Mercury in Aquarius helps us look to the future, too.

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Astro Daily: February 7, 2016

Mercury, the planet of communication and movement, is finally in Aquarius! If Capricorn pushes Mercury to seriously weigh its choices, then in Aquarius it sees the big picture. Mercury in Aquarius is intellectual, futuristic, and scientific, too. It also blazes a trail.

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Astro Daily: February 23, 2016

One of the threads of yesterday’s Virgo Full Moon was this ongoing opposition we’re having between Jupiter and Chiron. If Jupiter is faith and a search for meaning, then Chiron is the pain and grief that gnaws at our faith. We’ve all been through so much in this life time. […]

Data for chart above is 2/22/2016, 1:20 pm EST, New York, NY. Chart by Astro.com.

Full Moon in Virgo: Get Messy

Happy Virgo Full Moon! This is the time of the lunar calendar when we make decisions in support of health, wellness, organization, service, and getting our lives together. Virgo is the unsung hero of the zodiac, making sure everything gets done. And, let’s be honest, we could all use a […]

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Astro Daily: February 12, 2016

Happy Friday! Come tomorrow, Mercury will finally get back into Aquarius, the sign that it turned retrograde in back on January 5. This means that we’ll officially be out of the shadow phase and moving into new territory. While Mercury was retrograde in Capricorn, we took a tough look at […]