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Astro Daily: January 12, 2018

The Moon’s in Sagittarius, our time each month to connect to our internal GPS that points us forward and inspires us to explore the world. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we’re exploring the hidden side of life as well — the intimate, emotional, and deeply esoteric.

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Astro Daily: January 10, 2018

Mercury at the end of Sagittarius today, leaving its retrograde shadow and closing out a long story from the start of December. Tomorrow, Mercury will arrive in Capricorn. But, before that, what did we learn? How are we making better choices for ourselves?

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Astro Daily: November 28, 2017

Stressful astrology alert. The Moon moves into Aries today, setting off a caustic confrontation between Mars and Uranus. Relationships are in the hot seat. Take care to avoid hotheaded arguments and volcanic purges of emotions. Mars and Uranus can be accident prone, too. 

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Astro Daily: November 27, 2018

Our week starts off on a serious note as Mercury joins up with Saturn, another reminder that we’re a mere three weeks away from Saturn leaving Sagittarius for Capricorn. With that in mind, time to reflect on what we’ve learned about our place in the world.

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Astro Daily: November 24, 2017

Mercury is starting to slow down, preparing to turn retrograde on December 3 in the sign of Sagittarius. This upcoming retrograde journey will be a reexamination of our beliefs, our opinions, and how we responsibly and irresponsibly use our voice.

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Astro Daily: November 23, 2016

I’ve been thinking a lot about integrity and the power of words lately — no surprise considering that Mercury lines up with Saturn in Sagittarius today. When the world shakes us, all we have is our word, all we have is our rectitude.

Data for chart above is 11/25/2015, 5:44 pm EDT, New York, NY. Chart by Astro.com.

Full Moon in Gemini: Commitment

Happy Gemini Full Moon! This is the time of the year when the spotlight is on communication, writing, ideas, learning, education, multitasking, movement, and siblings. Gemini is the sign of choice as well as duality. With that in mind, the full moon will be exact on November 25, 2015 at […]

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Astro Daily: November 24, 2015

Mercury will make a conjunction to Saturn today and if you’re a Gemini or a Virgo, you may be feeling a pressure to figure things out, make a commitment, and get clarity. Mercury is communication, movement, thinking, and learning. The mind is focused, sharp. Even if you’re neither of these […]