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Astro Daily: December 13, 2017

Moon moves into Scorpio, meeting up with Mars and Jupiter, two planets that have been teaching us a lot about power, secrets, and abuse. The Moon in Scorpio is a call for us to examine our own darkness, the part of us that we reject.

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Astro Daily: November 21, 2017

The Sun arrives in Sagittarius today, the sign of travel, exploration, and wisdom. We welcome a new season, one that is designed to take us far from what is familiar, whether it’s home or what we think we know to be true. 

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Astro Daily: November 13, 2017

Venus and Jupiter made an early rendezvous this morning, joining up in the sign of Scorpio. True, these planets make for a seductive duo, but it’s worth noting that our opportunities are Scorpio in nature — intimacy, transformation, and rebirth.

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Astro Daily: November 9, 2017

Moon moves into Leo, the sign of passion, creativity, and a joie de vivre. Toss in a Scorpio Sun along with Jupiter and Venus, also in Scorpio, and you have a sexy, magical mix of energies. Careful to create and transform instead of destroy with these influences.

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Astro Daily: October 26, 2017

The Sun and Jupiter align in Scorpio, giving us new opportunity to explore and create deeper emotional connection. As the sign of intimacy, Scorpio invites us to open up and reveal the hidden parts of ourselves. Be generous with your love and what you have to share.

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Astro Daily: October 23, 2017

Welcome to Scorpio Season! The Sun arrives in the 8th sign of the zodiac and we naturally turn our attention to themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and trust — life’s deeper emotional material. Scorpio also straddles the divide between life and death, this world and the next. 

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Astro Daily: October 20, 2017

Although we’re wrapping up Libra Season, the Sun moving into Scorpio on October 23, we just had a Libra New Moon, which will create some complexities in the coming weeks. Scorpio has depth to Libra’s surface, an emotionally intensity to its polite charm. 

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Astro Daily: October 17, 2017

What’s secret, taboo, or intimate? Mercury moves into Scorpio and we’re more likely to divulge, especially as Mercury and Jupiter meet. On the flip side, Mercury can be obsessive in Scorpio. We’re tenaciously getting to the bottom of a mystery, even if it’s uncomfortable.

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Astro Daily: October 11, 2017

Time for a reality check courtesy of Mars square Saturn. Have we taken care of all the details? Are staying on top of our health? Are we doing our work? Don’t forget your to-do list today and, more importantly, don’t push your limits.

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Astro Daily: October 10, 2017

Jupiter, the planet of new horizons and worldly experiences, moves into Scorpio for a year long visit. As the teacher and explorer, Jupiter will take us through Scorpio’s deep emotional waters to discover the hidden riches in the most intimate spaces of our lives.

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Jupiter in Scorpio: Sign by Sign

After a year long trip through Libra, Jupiter moves onto edgy Scorpio, the sign of wealth, intimacy, and trust. If Jupiter is the planet of exploration, then we’re moving through Scorpio’s darker emotional themes over the coming year.

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Astro Daily: October 9, 2017

The Sun makes one of its four yearly contacts to Pluto today and one of our scheduled check ins with our shadow. Pay attention to themes that come up today, especially in conversation. It reveals something deeper that you’re working to transmute.