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Pisces New Moon: Triggered

Pisces New Moon: Triggered

Happy Pisces New Moon! This is the time of the lunar calendar when we pull back from the world, look inward, and seek answers for life’s existential questions. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, one that bridges this life and the next.

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Astro Daily: March 8, 2018

Jupiter turns retrograde in Scorpio. As the planet that inspires us to explore, Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio has taught us about life’s darker experiences and the emotions that go with it. We’re now pulling back to reflect on its deep lessons in trust, intimacy.

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Astro Daily: March 5, 2018

Scorpio Moon kicks up the feelings, activating an already emotional line up of planets in Pisces. Plus, we’re coming off a full moon, one that revealed where we have some healing work to do. As a result, we may feel a need to purge today.

Aquarius New Moon: Systems

Aquarius New Moon: Systems

Happy new moon! Happy solar eclipse! We begin a new lunar month, one set in of Aquarius, the sign of community, social networks, friendship, and humanitarian themes. Aquarius teaches about belonging. It also zooms us out and connects us to life at the level of its systems.

Astro Daily: February 7, 2018

Astro Daily: February 7, 2018

The Scorpio Moon angles its way past recent eclipse degrees. Like a seamstress, it threads a line back to February and August 2017, the two previous eclipse cycles. Today is part of a greater lunar tapestry, one that has helped us discover a deeper sense of identity.

Leo Full Moon: New Fire

Leo Full Moon: New Fire

Happy Leo Full Moon! Happy lunar eclipse! This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight is on identity, passion, joy, and creativity. Leo, as a sign, helps us to celebrate and share ourselves with others, to individuate and make our mark.

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Astro Daily: January 22, 2018

Today’s brash, restless Aries Moon turns up the temperature on our emotions. This is a Moon that needs a lot of movement, from physical exercise to getting its feelings off its chest. With the Moon pointing to Mars, emotions may be sharp, brutally honest.

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Astro Daily: January 12, 2018

The Moon’s in Sagittarius, our time each month to connect to our internal GPS that points us forward and inspires us to explore the world. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we’re exploring the hidden side of life as well — the intimate, emotional, and deeply esoteric.

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Astro Daily: January 5, 2018

Mars, slowly making its way through Scorpio, joins up with Jupiter and adds fuel to Scorpio’s need to get to the deep dark heart of the matter. This is an emotional revelation, a transformation. Only weeks away from the eclipses, Mars and Jupiter strike the chords of fate.

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Astro Daily: December 13, 2017

Moon moves into Scorpio, meeting up with Mars and Jupiter, two planets that have been teaching us a lot about power, secrets, and abuse. The Moon in Scorpio is a call for us to examine our own darkness, the part of us that we reject.

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Astro Daily: November 21, 2017

The Sun arrives in Sagittarius today, the sign of travel, exploration, and wisdom. We welcome a new season, one that is designed to take us far from what is familiar, whether it’s home or what we think we know to be true. 

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Astro Daily: November 13, 2017

Venus and Jupiter made an early rendezvous this morning, joining up in the sign of Scorpio. True, these planets make for a seductive duo, but it’s worth noting that our opportunities are Scorpio in nature — intimacy, transformation, and rebirth.