For all its niceties and focus on beauty, it would be a little unfair of us to paint the sign of Libra with such superficial strokes. After all, this girl has some real depth beyond a bad reputation for vanity. And Saturn transiting Libra over the next two years reminds us that while she rules over committed partnerships, she also represents what we attract into our lives.

Imagine a full length mirror in front of you. Do you like what you see? Or are you squirming at the thought? Your reflection is a direct indication of what you’re bringing into your life. Powerful people, for example, attract other powerful people. Victims attract other people who reinforce their victimization. So Saturn in Libra’s question for you is this: What are you attracting?

For the next two years, your cosmic challenge is to take stock of the people in your life and see if they pass the mirror challenge. Are these relationships representative of who you are? Or do they reveal where you need to make some changes? If these people are not serving your highest good, then it’s time to let them go with love.

Another mirror is your stuff. You know, your cluttered home that is always a disaster zone. Or at the very least that closet crammed full of old clothes? You get the idea. How does it represent your inner state? What does that perennially leaky faucet say about your life?

These are the sort of questions you want to be contemplating while Saturn is in Libra. He’s teaming up with Libra’s mirror to reveal the areas in which we can apply some Saturnian hard work. The more you work on yourself, the more your reflection changes. The more you are right by yourself, the better people you’re going to attract into your lives. And, believe it or not, hard nosed Saturn wants nothing but the best for all of us.

Get to work! You’re worth it.