Happy Pisces New Moon! This is the time of the lunar calendar when we pull back from the world, look inward, and seek answers for life’s existential questions. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, one that bridges this life and the next. For that it’s spirituality, mysticism, universality, forgiveness, and unconditional love. It’s also music, art, and ethereal beauty. The new moon is on March 17, 2018 at 9:11 am EDT, 26 degrees Pisces. That’s 6:11 am Los Angeles, 1:11 pm London, and 12:11 am in Sydney on March 18.

We’re coming to the end of the astrological year, one that will begin with Aries Season and the equinox on March 20. This new moon, however, comes right at the end of Pisces. There’s a sense that as we prepare to move forward, we have to look at what we need to let go. It can’t come with us.

Pisces has a reputation as a healing sign. Why? Because it’s the sign of the Universal, the sign that transcends our physical world, our limitations, and our sufferings. Pisces, the last water sign, is the energy of the cosmic mother, which differs from the energy of the mother that we meet in Cancer, the first water sign. And it’s Pisces that pulls us back into her amniotic waters to be reborn again, washing away everything that we’ve been holding onto.

When we look at the chart of the new moon, however, we see that the coming four weeks will be anything but calm. Despite Pisces’s liminal, otherworldly energy, the new moon will aspect Chiron and Mars. The energy of this connection will point to Scorpio, making for a deeply emotional month that may pour out of you at times.

From the perspective of Chiron in Pisces, we’re dealing with our psychic scar tissue, our emotion and spiritual knots this lunar month. Something will get triggered — something old, something with roots in another lifetime, something that connects us to a greater human experience. From the perspective of Mars in Sagittarius, this psychic pain will be unavoidable.

Mars will be like a lance to this spiritual knot, helping us to cut through or untangle something. But we’ll have to face it and this is where Pisces’s wonderful healing energies come in. Whatever does come up can be released into the cosmic ocean, offered up to the collective. Forgiveness and compassion are possible. It’s all there for us and thankfully we have support from Jupiter in Scorpio.

Note that Chiron will enter Aries on April 17 after seven years in Pisces. Yes, seven years. As much as this new moon is dealing with this lunar month, it’s also touching on a story that’s been unfolding since February 2011. And since Chiron touches on the soul’s journey through many lifetimes, it’s a story that goes even deeper.

There’s no such thing as a wound that never heals. Return back to Source as well as the source of your pain this month and let it all go. As spirit once said to me, we’re not ready to heal until we’re ready to depersonalize our pain and suffering. In Pisces we’re no longer us; we are everyone.

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