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The author's chart. Not a prison.

Your Natal Chart is Not a Prison

Like most people who live in large cities, I have a fairly long commute each day to and from work. The round-trip hour and a half of subway time is devoted to higher learning via spiritually themed podcasts. My commute is sacred. It’s my God time. I listen to my […]

Photo by Daniel Kainz. CC0 – PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Neptune in Pisces

On April 4, 2011, Neptune quietly slipped into Pisces for the first time in a century and a half. I say quietly because Neptune’s ingress didn’t pack the punch of Pluto’s entry into Capricorn nor Uranus’s into Aries. No, gossamer Neptune transitioned into Pisces like a gentle breeze announcing a shift […]

You can use sage to clear energy, as seen above, but I prefer burning epsom salts.

Cleansing the Energy of Your Home

Imagine you’ve walked into the home of someone you’ve just met. There’s clutter everywhere, nothing is organized, and it’s physically hard to navigate between rooms because of furniture and stuff piled everywhere. How would you imagine the energy of that home feels? Unpleasant? Stagnant? Dense? The energy can’t move because […]

Ophiuchus. Not a new sign, so everyone calm down.

Astrology’s Big Moment

Last week the world freaked out when a Minnesota astronomer sent out a press release stating that the zodiac signs had shifted over time and, surprise, you’re not the sign you thought you were. Even more shocking, there was now a new zodiac sign — Ophiuchus. Thanks to the power […]

Free Natal Chart Reading: January’s Winner

Free Natal Chart Reading: January’s Winner

This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is Melissa. Her birth data is August 28, 1984 at 7:48 pm, Amsterdam, New York, USA. Congratulations, Melissa! [Click here for larger chart] Overview My eye immediately went to Melissa’s Sun/Mercury conjunction in its home sign of Virgo in the 6th […]

Free Natal Chart Reading: August’s Winner

Free Natal Chart Reading: August’s Winner

This month’s winner for my online natal chart reading is Shannon. Her birth data is April 10, 1980, 11:09 am, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Congratulations, Shannon! [Click here for larger chart] I’ve been talking recently about the Cardinal Climax and how many of us are feeling the pressure to transform. Those […]

Saturn in Libra and the Mirror

For all its niceties and focus on beauty, it would be a little unfair of us to paint the sign of Libra with such superficial strokes. After all, this girl has some real depth beyond a bad reputation for vanity. And Saturn transiting Libra over the next two years reminds […]