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What is “Empowering Astrology”?

“A birthchart is a rich, living statement, full of insights, guidelines, and warnings. It describes not a static fate but a flowing life pattern, full of options and risks.” — Steven Forrest, The Inner Sky * * * I discovered astrologer Steven Forrest and his books about the same time I […]

Where Are We Ceding Our Personal Power?

If there was a Weather Channel for astrology, it’s easy to imagine what the forecast would be — dark and stormy. The rumbles of thunder began back in early 2008 when Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn and we all know how that year shaped up. But now Saturn is […]

Your Natal Chart is a Recipe for Transformation

Imagine a kitchen stocked with the highest quality ingredients from proteins to spices to the freshest fruits and vegetables. What would you make with those ingredients?  A nourishing meal or a burnt mess? Now imagine a kitchen stocked with the abundant energies of the Universe at your disposal. With a […]