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Waves crashing underwater.

Healing Neptune Problems

In 1986, astrologer Donna Cunningham, drawing on her experience as a social worker, wrote the influential book, Healing Pluto Problems. In it she addressed the darker challenges that arise by having a strongly placed or aspected Pluto. And more importantly, she laid out the tools needed to address these problems. […]

Evolutionary astrologer Dena DeCastro.

Podcast: 2013 Astro Preview

In this edition of the Empowering Astrology podcast, I welcome back evolutionary astrologer Dena DeCastro. Together we map out the major highlights of 2013, month by month, from retrogrades to eclipses. While the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square is still a dominant and challenging player in the astrology of 2013, the year’s main […]

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New Moon in Capricorn: Building on the Rubble

Happy New Moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees! It’s the time of the year when we set new intentions regarding career, ambitions, status, structure, and business. With Saturn in Scorpio, this is an especially auspicious time to make new intentions for money, finance, and getting debt under control. First, this […]

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New Moon in Sagittarius: Head Home

About a month or so ago, during my daily meditation, I curiously began to hear the words “head home.” What? Huh? What does head home mean? Inserted between between thoughts and breaths, I heard them again and again and again. Head home. Okay Spirit, you’re going to have to give […]

Astrologer Stephanie Gailing of

Holistic Health and Astrology

I recently had a chance to record a podcast with Seattle based astrologer, Stephanie Gailing, author of Planetary Apothecary. Stephanie blends holistic health with astrology to create an unique approach, dispensing wellness tools for hard transits. What flower essence works well Neptune? Answer: Pink Yarrow. Stephanie and I also look […]

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Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini: So Here We Are

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! And happy Lunar Eclipse! First, the full moon is a time when the lunar energy is at its peak and its most visible. The Moon is the feminine half to the Sun’s masculine. And the full moon brings heightened emotions, resolutions, illuminations, and blossomings. But […]

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Full Moon in Taurus: The Coming Storm

Today we have a Full Moon in Taurus. This is the time of the astrological year when we release our intentions for security, solid ground, and abundance of resources. The Full Moon is occurring at 6’48 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. It’s interesting that one of the keywords for Taurus is security. As I write […]