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August 2015 Horoscopes

Here comes the Sun! August is all about Leo, a sign that wouldn’t want it any other way. Leo is the king, the artist, the larger than life presence that is often channeled into performance and drama. While Leo may be a natural for the stage, it’s ultimately a sign […]

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Full Moon in Aquarius: Where Do You Belong?

Happy Aquarius Full Moon! This is the time of the year when we shine a light on friendships, camaraderie, community, connection, and humanitarian ideals. Aquarius is also a future oriented sign. What are our hopes and dreams? Our wish for something better? The full moon will be exact on July 31, 2015 […]

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Astrology and Consciousness

Working with the sun sign reading public as I do on Facebook, I often see first hand the destructive power of good/bad thinking in astrology, this idea that some planets are good and some planets are bad. Recently, when I discussed a classical technique called planetary strength, people spun out […]

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On Venus

We wish to unveil Venus, planet of beauty. She is the perfection of creation, the five petals of the rose in harmony with all things, divine and material. She waits for the choice of man so it may be sown into the threads of creation. It is in the light she resides, patient, luminous.

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Venus through the Signs

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, balance, symmetry, design, and peace. We all have Venus somewhere in our chart and when we known what sign she is in, it reveals what we both attract, value, and how we relate to others. (Don’t know where your Venus is? Check out […]

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New Moon in Cancer: New Connections

Happy New Moon in Cancer! This is the time of the year when we turn over a new leaf in all things related to home, family, the mother archetype, and care. Not only is Cancer the sign that teaches us to nourish our roots but the importance of strong emotional […]

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July 2015 Horoscopes

July is Cancer season, a time when the Sun shines a light on all things home, family, care, and nurturing. Cancer is the ocean, feelings, and security. It’s also a sign that has a strong emotional connection to the past. So it seems fitting, perhaps uncomfortably so, that our swim through the waters of Cancer […]

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Full Moon in Capricorn: Clearing and Rebuilding

Happy Capricorn Full Moon! This is the time of the year when the spotlight is on career, direction, structure, responsibility, maturity, status, the father, recognition, commitment, and leadership. If full moons are decision points or a time of revelation, the Capricorn Full Moon may show your life in a new […]

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New Moon in Gemini: Choice and Consequence

Happy Gemini New Moon! This is the time of the year when we turn our attention to the sign of the twins, opening up a new chapter in support of writing, learning, speaking, information, and travel. Gemini is the first air sign. There’s a buzz to it, a steady hum […]

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On Neptune

The station of the planet Neptune, whether retrograde or direct, is a call to reconnect to the vibrancy of Source. We are showing you a gentle stream of water. It washes away everything. It purifies. Neptune is a current of purification.

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On Will and Potential

We are speaking of will and potential today. We want to impart upon you this idea of free will. It is your right to make choices. How perfect that the Sun is in Gemini now, the sign of choice. But sometimes the choices you make — through your will, through your ego— are not a match for your potential.

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June 2015 Horoscopes

Months are rarely self contained entities. They include bits of narrative that stretch out days or even weeks before. June, for the most part, feels like a transitional month, a time when we’re wrapping things up instead of starting fresh, and taking a deep look at the past. Even Mercury, […]