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Astro Daily: January 29, 2016

Mercury crosses Pluto followed by a square to Uranus on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been talking about this coming aspect quite a bit only because it’s the culmination of a story that began back on December 19–20. Mercury usually tells a quick story, but this one has been drawn out […]

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Astro Daily: January 28, 2016

Normally Mercury is a quick moving planet. It touches on themes of communication and movement; its effects are a bit ephemeral. But Mercury is moving a much more slowly after turing direct on Monday, January 25. And since its lining up with Uranus and Pluto, we’re feeling a major impact […]

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Astro Daily: January 27, 2016

Lost in the shuffle of last Saturday’s full moon was Venus’s arrival in Capricorn. Venus spends about four weeks in a sign and each chapter of her journey around the Sun is a different look into themes of value, beauty, and interpersonal relationships. One thing you have to understand is […]

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Astro Daily: January 26, 2016

A few days ago we had the Leo Full Moon, a culmination of a dramatic lunar month that saw the departure of a few high profile artists and performers. Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the sign of the creator. As a result it’s a sign that naturally contains art, […]

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Astro Daily: January 25, 2016

Today Mercury will station direct after three weeks of winding its way back through Capricorn. During this time we’ve had to reexamine our word, our choices, and our responsibility for the things we manifest in our lives. Capricorn’s a sobering sign. We see things for what they are, laid out […]

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Leo Full Moon: Shine Our Light

Happy Leo Full Moon! This is the time of the year when the spotlight turns on creativity, self expression, pride, individuality, performance, and talent. Additionally Leo is known for its playful side as well as its love of arts, leisure, and romance. As a result, we may have a decision […]

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Astro Daily: January 22, 2016

Between Mercury’s line up with Pluto in Capricorn and a face off with the Cancer Moon, we’re in the middle of an energetic storm today. Things have been getting kicked up — old stories, patterns, emotions, some things we’d rather not even see. Here are some things to keep in […]

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Astro Daily: January 21, 2016

Sensitive Cancer Moon day that will highlight the home, family, roots, and feeling. The Moon is actually at home in Cancer, activating a need for emotional security and connection. This is often a time in the lunar month when we pull back, nest, and seek comfort. As I was explaining […]

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Astro Daily: January 20, 2016

Feel like venting? With Mercury making a square to Uranus today and approaching Pluto later this week, we can’t keep it in. Something has to be said, revealed. Additionally we may receive shocking or unexpected news as well as something ignites and inspires. I went into this more in depth […]

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Astro Daily: January 19, 2016

Are you a Gemini or Virgo or have major planets or angles in those signs? Just a heads up — Mercury will be passing through a rocky part of the zodiac over the next week and a half. If you recall, Mercury has been retrograde in Capricorn since early January. […]

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Astro Daily: January 18, 2016

Lazy day alert. With the Moon in Taurus and Venus making a square to Jupiter, it’s all about creature comforts, pleasure, and indulgence. In fact, the Moon will trine Jupiter today, a combo that is both generous and known for wanting more. Are we experiencing too much of a good […]

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Astro Daily: January 15, 2016

We’re half way through January! It’s a good time to take a moment and review your monthly horoscope. Now that we’ve gotten into a powerful new lunar month, you’ll have a different perspective on what I wrote about. (If you know your rising sign, read for it as well as […]