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Saturn in Capricorn: Sign by Sign

Saturn will be in Capricorn through December 2020, giving us three years to master life’s most important lessons — commitment, duty, and responsibility. We’ll be facing our doubts and limitations, all in order to build a solid framework for our lives.

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Saturn in Capricorn: Accountability

Over the last three years we’ve been on a quest, a search in something more. How do we make sense of a world in chaos? Having diligently worked through life’s ethical questions courtesy of Saturn in Sagittarius, Saturn returns home to Capricorn.

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Astro Daily: December 15, 2017

After three years in Sagittarius, the planet Saturn wraps up its long search for truth. There’s a seriousness is in the air, an anticipation. Saturn has tested our faith, has pushed us to find meaning in our lives. Now we graduate. 

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Astro Daily: December 13, 2017

Moon moves into Scorpio, meeting up with Mars and Jupiter, two planets that have been teaching us a lot about power, secrets, and abuse. The Moon in Scorpio is a call for us to examine our own darkness, the part of us that we reject.

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Astro Daily: December 12, 2017

The Moon winds its way through Libra, touching on themes of relationship and cooperation. With Venus in Sagittarius, this is a Moon that wants to wander and explore. It needs lots of space. We also need to review the beliefs we hold about relationship and cooperation.

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Astro Daily: December 11, 2017

Saturn arrives at the final degree of Sagittarius. Time for exams. What did we learn over the last three years? What do we believe in? What now has meaning? Are we older, wiser? Be ready to demonstrate what you know. Will you make the grade?

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Mars in Scorpio: Sign by Sign

If Mars is action and motivation, then its journey through Scorpio is an exceptionally powerful placement. After all, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, a sign that covers themes of intimacy, power, vulnerability, wealth as well as death and rebirth.

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Astro Daily: December 8, 2017

Mars moves to the final degree of Libra, pointing us toward critical relationship issues. The final degree of every sign has an urgency to it, a scrutiny that demands we hold ourselves accountable. Mars in Libra has been six weeks of digging into trust, intimacy, and cooperation.

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December 2017 Horoscopes

Here we are at the end of 2017, a year that made us question truth as well as the world we live in. And with the end of 2017 comes a major change of narrative. It may be Sagittarius Season, but all eyes are on Capricorn when Saturn arrives on December 19.

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Astro Daily: December 7, 2017

The Moon is taking us through the sign of Leo today, meeting up with the North Node and reminding us of the power of ourselves, the power of our talents, and the power to create. To be in the essence of Leo is to be in the joy of creation.