I want to share a personal story that my guides reminded me of while I was meditating. It highlights a lesson that we could all stand to learn and how unconscious beliefs and programming are the unseen obstacles that prevent us from manifesting what we want. It also highlights how one seemingly trivial thing can become a much bigger metaphor.

When I was a kid, and when I was out at a restaurant, I always had to order the cheapest thing on the menu. This was an unspoken rule. If I wanted something different, my order was met with guilt and quiet condemnation. It’s not that we didn’t have the money or that I was an out of control spendthrift at the age of seven who needed a lesson in economy, but rather my mother, for better or for worse, was mirroring her own insecurities about money and abundance onto me. In turn, I feared to order what I truly wanted.

As an adult, I operated on the opposite end of the spectrum. If I wanted the lobster, I got the lobster! I was practically flaunting my mother’s unspoken rule. Ha, that’ll show her.

I realized, after a conversation with my guides about fear of change and success, that learning shame and guilt in ordering what I wanted served as a fundamental block on “getting what I wanted” as an adult. I was afraid to order from the menu of life; I unconsciously scaled back my desires. I nearly cried from the weight of my epiphany.

What I hope you learn from this is that there is no guilt and shame in ordering what you want in life. Get wild! Order the metaphorical lobster or whatever is the most outrageous, expensive thing!

As I was gently reminded, we live in a limitless universe but sometimes we forget that. And this year is all about clearing all those old emotions surrounding limit, lack, and fear. Use the energy of 2012 to further your healing and clearing work. Order whatever you want from the menu of life! There is no shame.