Recently, when I asked Spirit for insight as to why there seemed to be a block on something in my personal life, they responded that blocks are when will and potential are out of alignment. I shared this revelation on my Facebook page, when them prompted some to ask for clarification. This is what Sprit had to say.

Greetings. We are speaking of will and potential today. We want to impart upon you this idea of free will. It is your right to make choices. How perfect that the Sun is in Gemini now, the sign of choice. But sometimes the choices you make — through your will, through your ego— are not a match for your potential. What is potential? Potential is your karma, your energetic vibrance, your agreements.

Sometimes you want something so badly that you fight for it. You use negative ego to obtain something or you reach and reach for something that never materializes. We show you an image of someone trying to walk through a wall thinking its a door. The wall never had a potential to be a door. We are not saying that there isn’t a door, but rather the door is elsewhere. Go towards the door that is there. That is potential.

We also want to talk about expanded potential as potential isn’t always fixed. The more work you do on your healing and your consciousness, which allows you to have a better perspective of what is in true alignment with your path, will open up new avenues. To stay at the level of the karma that you are working out at present ensures that your potential will remain the same. We are asking all of you to level up, to expand your potential. Many doors will open when you do. All will be in alignment with the highest potential of your karma and expression on this planet.

Your world is in flux right now. The planets are moving in ways that reveal that this is not the time to stand still. Seize upon this moment. Do not fear movement or growth, even if it takes you very far from home. You are opening up to expanded potential so that more opportunities may come your way. And this is what will make the world a better place.