As an astrologer, I have a unique perspective on my natal chart. I know every corner of it intimately and yet, after all these years, it still continues to reveal its secrets. I can also peer into the future and have a fairly accurate idea of what’s on my horizon. I say “fairly” because even a good astrologer is going to have a blind spot when it comes to his or her own natal chart. Things will hide in plain sight. And so I’ve watched over the last few years as Uranus, planet of shocks and sudden events, slowly gained ground on my natal IC at 16 degrees Aries. I’ve been, admittedly, quietly nervous with anticipation.

Outer planet transits are a Big Deal. They are agents of a force much bigger than us and speak to a process that often feels fated. Having survived a Pluto transit in my late 20s (barely), I’ve been a little gun shy when it comes to sweeping forces of change (I am a fixed sign after all) and the IC, one of the four chart angles, is a sensitive point that roots the natal chart with themes of home, family, and nurturing. What will happen, I wondered? A move? With my natal Mars in Sagittarius, will I suddenly find myself in a foreign land? I even asked my colleagues. Commenting on her own experience of Uranus to the IC, a close astrologer friend said she was an insomniac for a year. Great. Awesome.

Even though I knew it was coming, the transit sort of snuck up on me. For some reason I thought Uranus wouldn’t get to 16 Aries until 2015. So it was a surprise when I realized that Uranus would spend nearly two months at 16 Aries and station on July 21, 2014 — right smack dab on my IC, almost to the arc minute.

Ay dios mio. It’s here.

I started looking around for tell tale signs of Uranus at work. Such as, who or what event would bear the hallmarks of the planet of revolution, vision, and change? (Edit: With natal Uranus conjunct my Scorpio Sun, I am the revolution.) It wasn’t until the days after the Uranus station that I realized how the transit would announce itself and the answer was in my natal chart.

I have 22 Sagittarius rising. Mercury (17), Neptune (17), and Mars (11), all in Sagittarius, are tucked in the 12th House (Placidus). I should have known better and realized that any transit will always trace back to the natal position, especially the ruler of the transit — Mars. And how has Uranus in Aries on the IC manifested? Like someone turned up my psychic abilities up 1,000 percent. Suddenly I’m channeling for clients, talking to ghosts, clearing two soul fragments, and reading the Akashic Records. Oh, and apparently I’m an animal communicator as well. At one point, while visiting a friend out of town, I got a clear message from Spirit to ask her if there was a local crystal shop because I was supposed to go there. Turns out there was. She took me to the shop and where I was guided to a phantom quartz crystal. When I put it into my hands, I felt a current of electricity run through my auric field. I quickly purchased it.

Boom. Uranus on the IC.

This thing isn’t over yet. Uranus won’t cross 16 Aries completely until April 2015. I’m sure there is more to discover but, wow, I was not expecting my connection to Spirit to get stronger. Let’s not forget that Saturn stationed at 16 Scorpio just the day before Uranus. That one has been a little more mundane. I bought a new couch.