Happy Scorpio New Moon! This is a time in the lunar calendar when we turn to life’s deeper emotions and experiences. Over the coming four weeks we’ll be exploring themes of trust, intimacy, sexuality, power, vulnerability, jealousy, and obsession as well as death and rebirth. The new moon was exact on November 18 at 6:42 am EST, 26 degrees Scorpio. That’s 3:42 am Los Angeles, 11:42 am London, and 10:42 pm in Sydney.

The “D” word makes people nervous. You know, death. Astrology teaches us that there’s a place for everything under heaven and Scorpio is the sign that has the honor of holding space for the energy of death in its many forms. In fact, every year, when we arrive in Scorpio Season in late October, we enter a time when we are confronted with the energy of death. The leaves turn, the weather grows colder (if you’re in the northern hemisphere, of course), and we traditionally celebrate Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and All Souls Day.

Scorpio is The Passage, a crucible we all have to travel through in order to face our fears, face ourselves, and be transformed. When we have a new moon in Scorpio, it means that the stage is set for us, over the coming four weeks, to work through this powerful energy so that we can be reborn.

Scorpio isn’t an easy sign. It pushes the limits of our psyches, it makes us really feel, and it maybe drives us a little crazy because we don’t feel like we’re in control anymore — because we can’t control the natural cycle of death and rebirth as much as we can control the sunrise and sunset.

New moons are new beginnings, so it seems ironic that we’ll be steeped in endings this month. But, as they say, one door closes and another opens. With that in mind, how will you let go this lunar month and stop fighting the inevitable? What will you finally let die? An old version of yourself? The past? An illusion? We can’t transform unless we surrender.

Maybe one of the things that has to die is a relationship or a relationship pattern. With Mars, the ruling planet of Scorpio, still over in the sign of Libra, our relationships will factor heavily into this lunar month. Mars is also making a tight square to Pluto. Whatever happens this month, whatever changes, will likely be permanent. Pluto speaks in non negotiable transformations.

Let’s not forget that Venus and Jupiter are in Scorpio, too. Although we will be tested this lunar month and called upon to let something metaphorically die, there are new opportunities to be had. Venus and Jupiter are trine Neptune in Pisces. We have to forge a new vision for ourselves and our lives and create it like magic, but we have to be willing to let something go.

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