A Facebook follower of the Empowering Astrology page, in response to my article on lunar manifestation, asked:

“. . . what do you mean about karma? That we won’t get more than our karma deserves? What if we have past karma from previous lives that is not good? Or if we have tried very hard to have good karma in this life but have sometimes done things out of desperation because life has dealt us some bitter blows? I would be very pleased if you could answer this!”

Oh, karma. It’s one of those loaded words that means many things to many people, but often is an excuse to philosophize life’s injustices. Karma is a sanskrit word that roughly means cause and effect, both in this life and previous ones. In the West we’ve come to reimagine the word as an eye for an eye. So if I steal from someone, I will get stolen from. Cause and effect. Karma’s a bitch.

Except that’s not how I see it.

Yes, karma is a cause and effect, but it’s not a Judeo-Christian concept and so we need to stop seeing it as such. For me, karma is the sum experience of the soul in this dimension. Karma is the agreements the soul makes with other souls before incarnating; It’s the curriculum of life; It’s layer upon layer of joy, trauma, survival, lessons, epiphany, instincts, brilliance, imbalances, vows, beliefs, and wisdom; It’s is the framework upon which the soul engages the human experience; It’s neither good nor bad; It just is.

In this world we have polarity. That is to say that we see things through the duality of light and dark, good and evil. But if we see through the soul’s eyes, removing judgement as Source does, we will instead see everything as a highly unique journey from lifetime to lifetime to discover what it means to be human. And to be human is to be both connected and separated from Source. Joy comes in remembering that we came from Source in the first place. Within us is the divine spark to be the creators of everything we could possibly need.

Karma and Manifestation

Now that I’ve defined karma, how does it relate to manifestation and the Law of Attraction?

In my blog post on the lunar cycles, I wrote:

“… This is basic Law of Attraction stuff, which states that we have the power to manifest everything that we need in our lives. Yes, all it takes is getting clear about what we want. There are a couple of caveats though — we’ll never manifest more than what we think we deserve; we’ll never manifest more than is in line with our karma.”

So if karma is the sum of the soul’s experience, including what it wishes to learn in this life, we’re never going to manifest beyond the karmic framework. It is the lens from which all creation in our lives passes through. If we were a beggar in a past life and brought into this life the entrenched belief that there is never enough, then every attempt to manifest abundance in this life is going to pass through that paradigm. Similarly, if the soul wants to learn what it means to experience lack, then it will manifest experiences of lack.

But there’s hope!

Karma isn’t a prison sentence. What I neglected to say in my lunar manifestation article — because it was a much bigger conversation — is that karma can be healed, modified, and redrawn. When we bring karma to the surface for healing and integration, we can start to manifest different things in our life because we’ve changed the energetic framework, like a key changing to fit another lock. We heal karma by dismantling outmoded beliefs and patterns, learning our soul lessons, and finding balance once again. And as long as we’re still working through our karma, we’re going to keep manifesting experiences that help us heal our karma.

Remember, we’re powerful souls capable of manifesting anything that we need to grow, love, and transform. If we have limiting beliefs, we will limit our possibilities. If we expand our thinking towards limitless possibilities, we will manifest limitless possibilities!